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WMMAA Pan-American Division Welcomes new member Ecuador


MONTE CARLO, Monaco (March 14, 2017) – The Pan-American Division of the World MMA Championships (WMMAA) has formally announced the recent addition of Ecuador as its newest member.

“We continue to grow with every new country take forward the MMA movement as well as recognition of MMA as a sport,” said Tomas Yu, President of the WMMA Pan-American Division. “I have long been an advocate of MMA as a sport.  Watching this great group of pioneers put up a great fight that takes is back to the basics and to what Martial Arts truly represents:  loyalty, honor, and family.”
Yu appointed Gorky E. Rodriguez as President of WMMAA Ecuador.  Hector Molina, Director of the Regulatory Committee for the WMMAA Pan-American Division, will work closely with Rodriguez during the formation of the WMMAA Ecuador Regulatory Committee.
“MMA is in a critical time,” Rodriguez commented.  “It’s explosive growth this past decade has made MMA the fastest growing sport in the world, demanding that an organization like ours exist and to add unbiased structure, not only for athletes, but as a regulatory body as well.
“Much continues to happen since WMMAA Ecuador was formed.  We will all celebrate our first participation, as a national team, this year in the Pan-American Championships.  I look forward to using my experience and the volumes of knowledge the WMMAA Pan-American Division brings to Ecuador.  I will share the vision with all my efforts as we will defend, promote and endorse MMA as a sport and give all participants and fans a significant difference in the sport.”
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Pan-American Championship Official Promo

History will be made October 7-9 when Chile hosts the inaugural World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA) Pan-American Championship – CHILE 2016 — in Santiago.


Initiative on MMA as a sport will build on the well-earned reputation of previous martial arts history in terms of addressing, sharing and discussing significant developments and social advancements that will impact the future of MMA:



FITE TV announces television carriage deal for the WMMAA Pan-American Division Championships October 8-9 in Chile

Go to FITE TV interview with host Jim “J.R.” Ross and
WMMAA Pan-American Division president Tomas Yu
NEW YORK, NY  (August 26, 2016) — FITE TV, in conjunction with the World MMA Association (WMMAA), announced today that it will be broadcasting the inaugural WMMAA Pan-American Division Championships live on FITE TV starting with the preliminary matches Saturday, October 8, and the final Sunday October 9, 2016.
FITE is a television network, via a downloadable app, that specializes in all things fighting, including boxing, wrestling, MMA and Martial Arts.  FITE is a free app that is available for download at the Google Play or iTunes app stores.
On Oct. 8-9, the WMMAA is bringing the top amateur MMA competitors from around the world to Santiago, Chile for a two-day competition.  More than 12 countries will be represented in eight different weight classes (6 men, 2 women classes).  Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile, is slated to participate in the opening ceremonies and preside over the closing of the event.  In addition to the in-ring MMA competition, the weekend will feature a fitness expo and Ring Girl Latina 2016 pageant.  As of today, 12 countries have committed to participating in the event, including the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Aruba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil.
“We are thrilled to be able to offer free viewing of one of the most anticipated MMA events in the Pan-American region each year on the innovative FITE TV app,” WMMAA Pan-American Division President Tomas Yu commented.  “Now, if you are not able to be at the event to watch the action live, you can now see it anywhere in the world.”
 “With the addition of such a prestigious event to FITE TV, we continue to increase the diversity of the combat fighting programming, now offered live and on a VOD basis on the app,” said Michael Weber, Senior Vice President of Marketing for FITE.  “It is a honor to work with MMA professionals such as Tomas Yu and his team who continue to increase the visibility of their organization worldwide.”
The television programming schedule and additional participating countries will be announced in the immediate future.
About FITE TV: FITE TV is a product of Flipps Media and is a free mobile app that is a one-stop shop for viewing all sports within the fighting discipline globally including MMA, professional wrestling, boxing, and traditional martial arts. With only access to a smartphone and a connected TV, with the FITE app, viewers can watch live events, on-demand programming, interviews and fighting sports related movies and documentaries on the big TV screen.  More information can be found at www.fite.tv.
About Flipps Media: Flipps delivers on-demand entertainment to any nearby connected TV from your mobile device without any additional hardware. The company has offices in San Mateo, New York and Sofia, Bulgaria and is backed by Tim Draper, Earlybird Venture Capital, Aslanoba Capital and LAUNCHub. Flipps’ patented technology immediately works with over 350+ million connected TVs and is compatible with over 7,000 manufacturer models requiring no set up, no pairing devices, no cables, no dongles and no set top box. The Flipps mobile application is free and available on iTunes and Google Play. More information can be found at www.flipps.com.
About WMMAA: The goal of the World MMA Association is to provide unbiased structure and guardrail the growth of MMA as the official world governing body for Mixed Martial Arts.  A non-profit organization founded in 2012, WMMAA is on a mission to develop a standardized and regulated organization, including competition, training, officiating, testing and growth when necessary.  More than 50 countries have been granted WMMAA membership.

Chile newest member of World MMA Association

MONTE CARLO, Monaco (April 26, 2016) — The World MMA Association (WMMAA) has announced that Chile is the newest member of its worldwide association.
The Chilean MMA Federation (Federation Chilena de MMA) is certified by the national Ministry of Sports.  Its inner-structure will be comprised of 15 branches, representing one for each region of Chile. There are currently eight MMA organizations with a goal to unite all under the umbrella of the Federation.
The Federation has developed MMA in various ways, from hosting regional amateur MMA championships to conducting seminars and educating officers.  The Chilean MMA Federation is headed by President Alberto Maturana Rodriguez and Vice President Christian Parra Campos.
“It is critical for an organization like ours to exist, to add unbiased structure not just for athletes, but also as a regulatory bodies,” Rodriguez (pictured to right) said.  “Much continues to happen since our appointment.  We just celebrated our first event under the WMMAA Pan-American Division and we look forward to using our experience and volumes of knowledge the Pan-American Division, as well as our honorary president Tomas Yu,brings to Chile and the sport.  We share the vision and with all our efforts, we will defend, promote and endorse MMA as a sport, and give all participants and fans a significant difference in the sport.
“We will continue to grow with every new country and take the MMA movement, as well as the recognition of MMA as a sport, forward.  We will work like a family with the Pan-American Division to support this sport in Chile.  We’re delighted to have been appointed and look forward to this opportunity of contributing to the WMMAA to continue the fight and make history in Chile and the MMA world.”
Chile is now a member of the WMMAA’s Pan-American Division, along with Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Venezuela.
“On behalf of the World MMA Association Pan-American Division, we would like to congratulate and welcome the Chilean MMA Federation on its recent appointment as our new provisional affiliate,” added Yu (pictured to left), Pan-American Division president.  “In this WMMAA year of monumental progress, in which we will celebrate our fourth World MMA Association Champion this November in Macao, it will now allow us to focus on our inaugural Continental MMA Championship.
“It is important to reflect on how the WMMAA movement will continue to grow in a new era of MMA.  The WMMAA movement is essentially an educational movement and for this reason we encourage events such as the National Continental and International MMA Championships to promote MMA development, among all ages of participants, especially youth through sport, MMA and the WMMAA code of conduct.  Let us build together for a peaceful and better world.  Let us strive to provide and education for all in which sport, MMA and WMMAA ideals play and essential role, based on values, respect, dignity, tolerance and solidarity.”

Meet Tomas Yu WMMAA Vice President

MONTE CARLO, Monaco (February 25, 2016)- World MMA Association (WMMAA) vice president Tomas Yu, of Albuquerque (NM), who is also president of the WMMAA Pan-American division, took time from his busy schedule to address questions about his MMA background and experience, the sport of MMA and WWMMA in particular.
Can you tell us about you and your experience in Martial Arts?
TY: “I’m from the generation that grew up watching 3 Ninjas,Ninja Turtles… I wanted to be a Ninja!  I grew up practicing Tae Kwon Do in Mexico, all the way to my black belt. At age 18, I ventured to practice Aikido and Judo in El Paso, Texas. I loved learning and I always wanted to be a rounded student, which is why I always looked for different arts to offset the weaknesses of the other.”
How did you first enter the world of MMA?
TY: “I was really looking for a place I could introduce my daughter to Martial Arts. I was looking for a more rounded self-defense Martial Art but not a fight club. I was introduced to the sport of MMA by a good friend and pioneer of the sport, Chris Luttrell.  I was immediately bonded to the sport, since that is what at one point all Martial Artists are looking for.”
When did you first hear of MMA and what was your first impression? Did
you expect this sport to grow as much as it is now?

TY: “I have been privileged to see the evolution of MMA since 1993 as a teenager, all the way to now, becoming the first Pan-American Division President in the most important Regulation Organization for MMA in the world.”
What is your function and main activities within WMMAA?
TY “My biggest function is to introduce simple business principles to the sport of MMA and keeping Martial Art in MMA. What I mean by that is, the common denominator for every individual Marital Art are (Respect, Loyalty, Honor) and the mixture of martial arts should not represent what people perceive MMA is today. It should be a mixture of Respect, Loyalty and Honor. It should be a much more admired sport.”
How would you assess WMMAA’s progress during its three year existence?
TY: “Well, as an entrepreneur, I’m never satisfied, I always see ways to do things better but the reality is that, in the 25+ years MMA has been evolving and becoming not just a mixture of Martial Arts but also a true blue sport. Many people have tried to add value to the sport with no real success until this past two years with the WMMAA.”
What are the main goals of WMMAA and what are the main obstacles for the association?
TY: “This question has a long and complicated answer! The number one obstacle is pride, pride to admit that past performance or formulas to add value didn’t and won’t work. Pride to admit that working together will pave a new path.  The number two obstacle, is UNDERSTANDING, understanding the big picture, like Micro and Macro economics really being two different worlds.
“The sport or art of MMA is much more than what we see on television. There is a much deeper impact to society than pay per view.”
How do you assess the third World Championship that took place in
TY: “Moments like these are the ones that 3 years ago we would dream about.  Well, last year that dream came true… over 40 countries participated in the beautiful city of Prague.  I can’t explain the clash of emotions when you see and hear country after country being announced as they walk into the arena with their head held high as they carry their national flag.
We as an organization created Continental Presidents to be able to perform better follow through and also be more sensitive negotiating in different cultural environments. Our Europe and Czech Organizing Committee did a wonderful job.
Were there any countries that stood out or surprised you?
TY: “The fact they were there, that’s what really stands out! Some countries were participating for the first time. The level of mental competition for some countries was amazing. I can’t wait for the 2016 World Championships.”
What are the2016 mid-term goals for WMMAA PanAm?
TY: “The number one focus for PANAM is the roll-out of our new initiative on ‘Global MMA Officials and Licensing’ to standardize the sport worldwide, but also standardize the officials looking out for the sport.”
Can you describe what 2015 was like for WMMAA?
TY: “2015 was a year of foundations, recruiting, and preparing for the volumes of growth coming our way this year.”
What words of wisdom would you like to share with the members of WMMAA family?
TY:  “I have always said that in every sport there is a business behind it, believing: ‘Till this far, MMA is like Capital… it goes where it is welcomed and it stays where it’s treated well'”
WMMAA keeps expanding. However there are still multiple countries that
are not yet WMMAA members. Why should any local Federation apply
for WMMAA membership?
TY: “We are the only organization of its kind. They would be able to get courses, national and international licenses but, most importantly, they can be part of history by allowing athletes in their respective countries to participate in our version of the Olympics of MMA.”
What would you tell them?
TY: “You are not alone.  Here is where being part of a team with qualified individuals opening door. Power really does come in numbers.”

People keep asking: why should we use SportID and SportData. Can you
repeat why it is so essential?

TY: “I’ll keep it short. The number one reason – reason enough – is to avoid private owned companies from having biased control on who and how they upload information.”