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WMMAA Pan-American Division Welcomes new member Ecuador


MONTE CARLO, Monaco (March 14, 2017) – The Pan-American Division of the World MMA Championships (WMMAA) has formally announced the recent addition of Ecuador as its newest member.

“We continue to grow with every new country take forward the MMA movement as well as recognition of MMA as a sport,” said Tomas Yu, President of the WMMA Pan-American Division. “I have long been an advocate of MMA as a sport.  Watching this great group of pioneers put up a great fight that takes is back to the basics and to what Martial Arts truly represents:  loyalty, honor, and family.”
Yu appointed Gorky E. Rodriguez as President of WMMAA Ecuador.  Hector Molina, Director of the Regulatory Committee for the WMMAA Pan-American Division, will work closely with Rodriguez during the formation of the WMMAA Ecuador Regulatory Committee.
“MMA is in a critical time,” Rodriguez commented.  “It’s explosive growth this past decade has made MMA the fastest growing sport in the world, demanding that an organization like ours exist and to add unbiased structure, not only for athletes, but as a regulatory body as well.
“Much continues to happen since WMMAA Ecuador was formed.  We will all celebrate our first participation, as a national team, this year in the Pan-American Championships.  I look forward to using my experience and the volumes of knowledge the WMMAA Pan-American Division brings to Ecuador.  I will share the vision with all my efforts as we will defend, promote and endorse MMA as a sport and give all participants and fans a significant difference in the sport.”
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Move turns ideas into results Mexico vs. Colombia competition Provides platform for athletes

MONTE CARLO, Monaco (November 1, 2016)- The Mexican MMA Commission (COMEXAMM) and Colombian MMA Federation (FECODEAMM), respectively led by Hector Molina and Jaime Arturo Pena, have partnered to provide a bi-national undercard in lieu of the recent cancellation of the inaugural World MMA Association (WMMAA) Pan-American Division Championships due to problems associated with the hosting Chile Federation.
The Mexico vs. Colombia fights will be on the undercard of the November 18th Combato Extremo event, promoted by Ubaldo Marroquin, at Auditorio National, Monterrey, Mexico.  Mexican and Colombian fighters who were supposed to compete in the aforementioned WMMAA Pan-American Division Championships can now have the opportunity to be in action.
Molina has been instrumental in WMMAA Pan-American Division development since 2014 as president of the Mexican Commission of MMA, as well as the Pan-American Director of the Regulatory Committee.
“That first year,” Molina said, “we are focused on identifying the best parts of he WMMAA regulatory programs – its people, programs, systems and processes – then quickly and effectively integrating these parts into a stronger centralized continental organization partner with improved, more useful, more impactful systems and resources.  When you bring together multiple organizations there are real differences that need to be addressed, including cultural, and business operations, as well as geographic differences.”
Molina and his leadership team studied the WMMAA systems, maintained what successfully worked, and improved other aspects to build a new network.  They retained top talent and aligned them with COMEXAMM’s bold culture, also adding some new people in areas perceived as non-optical to support business.  Ultimately, Molina bold a team that embraced core values and visions for regulatory that was instilled in him by mentors and years of experience.
“We started with the premise that we hire the best people in the industry; that we train them well, and offer them cutting-edge resources and skills.  We empower our people to make smart decisions and, most importantly, we trust our people key members like Gustavo Cantu.  This trust is critical to our success.  When we empower and trust people, they want to take ownership, not only for results, but for how we get our results.”
One of Molina’s first accomplishments at WMMAA has been the restructuring and realignment of the rules and regulations committee to mirror the company’s operating model.  The Continental Rules and Regulations Committee was built on the principle guard railing the unstoppable growth of MMA and given the dynamic nature of WMMAA.
“Moves like these, from leaders like Hector Molina, are the ones that many organization would dream about in moments of crisis,” WMMAA Pan-American Division president Tomas Yu remarked, “giving a new definition to what it means to be part of the WMMAA family.”
The WMMAA Pan-American Division is a leader of a new industry category – growth Federation – powered by a committee to growth, focusing on MMA as a sport area leadership, in addition to dedication to operational excellence, investment in research and development innovation, and a strong focus on its members.
To maintain its position as an industry leader, WMMAA Pan-American Division practices what it calls, “Living Bold.” This culture embraces five principles: building bridges, powering ideas, acting fast, driving results, and always doing what is right.  Molina and his team create regulatory strategies, systems, and programs that embody this culture.
“As opposed to being a back-room function that primarily creates policies and performs audits, my teams are aligned with the business units and are in the field with them daily,” Molina explained.  “We advise in real time and proactively collaborate in strategy and planning meetings so our business can come up with innovative ideas, act fast, and quickly drive results.”
“My team knows that I am a bit of a regulatory geek when it comes to our work.  It’s extremely exciting from a strategic perspective because it allows us to become a more valuable partner to the colleagues who run the business.  We’ve always had strong, productive and active strategies.  And we always will!  By continuously challenging the status quo, asking ourselves how we can do things differently, and ultimately advancing our regulatory program, we will make a meaningful contribution to helping the WMMAA be bold, act fast and power ideas.”
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