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Mayweather vs. MacGregor Hype Reaching New Heights


By: Rich Bergeron

Can a pro mixed martial artist beat a pro boxer is the kind of question that started the UFC in the first place, but now the wildly popular fight league seems to be trying to avoid that question entirely when it comes to a potential boxing match between Conor MacGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Though recent reports indicated a deal was in the works with only a third party failing to agree on terms (most likely the UFC), it seems that the UFC brass knows this could be a lose/lose situation for the promotion. For one, Conor is almost guaranteed to lose the fight. Secondly, the purse he will command should be extremely hefty, which will mean he will demand the same kind of money for every fight after this one. This is why UFC President Dana White put his ceiling at $25 million for MacGregor to fight Mayweather.


The UFC could end up paying dearly for letting this fight happen. It could make MacGregor much too popular and shift the balance of power from the UFC bosses to their star employee. Conor will be the one calling the shots from here on out if this boxing match happens, especially if it ends up being a $100 million payday for “Mystic Mac.”

Just consider this segment on UNDISPUTED, starring Shannon Sharp and Skip Bayless:


The inevitable loss for MacGregor would really be a huge win for the cocky, arrogant and outspoken fighter who seems like he actually believes he can pull off a miracle win. Even if he’s knocked out, beaten by a wide unanimous decision, or disqualified for engaging in illegal strikes, Conor stands to make enough money to potentially retire from MMA for good.  It’s either that, or he could just continue in MMA with the stipulation that no fight purse in his future be any less than what he makes for the Mayweather bout. If Conor even shows the slightest bit of skill in the boxing ring, he could also end up being the combat sports version of Bo Jackson and maintain a career as a two sport athlete in the future. All of this is simply bad for the UFC as a whole, as they will at best have to share one of their top talents and will have to pay him outrageous fees to keep him fighting in their Octagon.

It would be much much smarter for Conor fans to play some casino games at คาสิโน MarathonBet than it would for any of them to put down money on their hero to win this fight. Whatever odds this fight does finally generate in Vegas, MacGregor is sure to be a huge underdog that will tempt his fans to make the bet on the slim chance of a huge payout. It just isn’t a good idea considering the lack of experience Conor has as a boxer and the invincibility of Mayweather in the final years of his boxing career.

What is crystal clear is that Mayweather wants only one fight to leave the comfort of retirement, and MacGregor is the only man who will face him in that fight. The fact that this should be a walk in the park is not lost on Floyd. There’s no downside to trouncing MacGregor. Floyd has been itching to prove MMA fighters as a whole don’t have the punching power or prowess that a boxer of his caliber has. He will no doubt get his chance, but don’t ask the UFC to pay astronomical record numbers to facilitate a fight of this magnitude if it means raising the fight pay bar to a level they can never recover from if they want to keep their ultimate superstar on the books.


MacGregor can talk all he wants, and sports pundits will eat it up like candy. People will either have some insane belief that he can pull off this walk on water routine, or they will want to pay to see his ego crushed in defeat. Either way, this bout could reap huge rewards for both fighters. People WILL pay to see it, even if it does prove to be a complete and utter disappointment.

FNU Combat Sports Show: MacGregor/Mayweather Talks; Soccer Headers as Dangerous as Heavyweight Boxing; UFC Recaps and Previews; Fedor vs. Mitrione Bellator Preview and Predictions

Tony, Rich and Tom come back from a week off with a ton of stuff to talk about. From the controversy of Holly Holm’s UFC 208 main event title fight with Germaine De Randamie to the upcoming battle between Matt Mitrione and Fedor Emelianenko, we cover a wide range of past and upcoming MMA events. We also look back at Ivan Barnchyk’s masterful comeback last weekend against Abel Ramos in a thrilling boxing match. We also go over the upcoming week’s boxing schedule. We also update the Mayweather vs. MacGregor negotiations with a big surprise: The UFC is the big stumbling block at this point. Additionally we discuss the recent study showing soccer players can suffer the same damage as heavyweight boxers after long careers in the sport where heading soccer balls repeatedly can bring on CTE in retired players. We also spend time discussing Brock Lesnar’s retirement and GSP’s imminent return.

Part One:

Part Two:

FNU Combat Sports Show Featuring PRESIDENT Donald Trump Interview

Hosts Tom, Tony and Rich of The Fight News Unlimited Combat Sports show had the awesome experience of catching up with President Donald Trump for an exclusive interview contained in tonight’s broadcast. We ask “The Donald” about everything from Mayweather vs. Macgregor to Iran and China. The interview starts about 23 minutes into the full show tape, but we will also place the interview alone in another audio file below the main show file on this post. We also discuss some MMA labor union issues, Aisling Daly retiring young from the UFC, Conor MacGregor claiming his next bout will be in a boxing ring and Dana White saying Ronda Rousey is all done with fighting professionally. We also recap the first big UFC and Bellator events of the year from last week and look forward to UFC Fight Night 104 in Houston on Saturday night. We take time at the end of the broadcast to talk boxing with a recap of last week’s stunning rematch between Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton. We also talk about the Thursday night bouts on FS1 tonight. Here is our full show:

And here is the Trump interview by itself:

And if you didn’t catch why Rich gave a shout out to the movie “Good Morning Vietnam” you can listen to Rich’s first interview with Trump from 2008 here:


LAS VEGAS (January 24, 2017) The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation (TFMJF) is proud to announce their 3rd Annual Fight-4-Fitness 5K Race, 2K Walk, Kids Fun Run, and Community Day taking place Sunday, March 12 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. This event is intended to support the movement toward more active and healthy lifestyles, while forming community alliances where awareness and empowerment serve as the nucleus for an improved quality of life.
This year, The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation, plans to unite runners and families within the Las Vegas community and surrounding communities in an eventful day filled with events geared toward the whole family. The festivities will start off with a 5K race and 2K walk, the Kids Fun Run will follow, and Community Day to commence the event. Children, ages 12 and under, can take part in a fun-filled scavenger hunt before the Kids Fun Run (one half mile run). The races are followed by an awards ceremony honoring the top 5K Race participants in each age category.
Fight-4-Fitness will also feature great healthy food options, vendors, merchandise booths, photo-booths, meet & greet with the Mayweather Promotions stable of fighters, live performances, physical activities geared toward fitness and fun, PLUS MORE!
For more information and to stay connected, follow us on social media: @TFMJF on Twitter,@TFMJF on Instagram, and onFacebook: www.Facebook.com/TFMJF
The full race day schedule is listed below:
  • 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. -5K Race, 2K Walk, Kids scavenger hunt
  • 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.Kids Fun Run & Awards Ceremony
  • 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.Community Day
Registration for these activities can be completed at www.tfmjf.org/events. Full registration dates and fees are listed below:
  • January 24th-January 31st: $30 5K/$25 2K/$15 Kids Fun Run/$20 Community Day
  • February 1st- February 28th: $35 5K/ $30 2K/ $15 Kids Fun Run/ $20 Community Day
  • March 1st– March 12th: $40 5K/ $35 2K/ $20 Kids Fun Run/ $25 Community Day
  • Day of event: $65 5K/ $60 2K/ $25 Kids Fun Run/ $30 Community Day
Online registration is open through March 10th.

FNU Combat Sports Show: Mark Hunt Sues UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar; Mayweather offers Conor $15 million; Penn Makes UFC Comeback

Tom, Tony and Rich spend this week’s show catching up on the week’s major news in combat sports. We also preview upcoming fights in boxing and MMA. We highlight Mark Hunt’s recent lawsuit over a fight where Brock Lesnar tested positive for PEDs and discuss Ben Rothwell’s assessment of Travis Browne as a “Man Whore.” Listen to the hour long broadcast below.

Veazey to Conor McGregor: I’ll fight you now

Baltimore, MD (December 6, 2016) – There was much talk throughout the boxing world last week when UFC superstar Conor McGregor received a boxing license from the California State Athletic Commission.

McGregor, widely considered the best mixed martial artist in the world, has been clamoring for a superfight with Floyd Mayweather. The bout would be a traditional boxing match. Talk surrounding Mayweather-McGregor received heavy criticism and it’s highly unlikely an athletic commission would sanction a five division world champion with a 49-0 record against an opponent making his debut.

Typically, debuting boxers face opponents that only have a few professional bouts.

Enter Joey “Bazooka Joe” Veazey.

Living and fighting out of Maryland, the 18-year-old had a successful amateur career and turned pro with a four round decision victory in October. A big ticket seller in his home state, Veazey is an honor student focused on being a star in and out of the ring. While many other young professional boxers would wait for a high profile fight, Veazey is ready to show McGregor he should stick to his own sport.

“The whole boxing world already knows Conor McGregor doesn’t belong in the same ring as Mayweather. I just had my pro debut and he recently got licensed so on paper, that’s an approvable fight by the athletic commission. If he does face me however, I’d prove to the world that he’s not a boxer and end the hype he’s started. He thinks he can just walk into this sport and face the best? That’s not how it works. If you really want to get in the boxing ring, I’d gladly expose you right now because boxing is no joke!”

Veazey’s next fight is scheduled for January 13 in Maryland and his promoter Jake Smith of Baltimore Boxing has already discussed licensing McGregor with Maryland State Athletic Commission executives.

FNU Combat Sports Show: UFC 205 & Bellator 164 Previews, Trump’s Win, Jones Suspended and Stripped of Title, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Rematch Talks

Tom, Rich and Tony break down the week’s combat sports news, recap last week’s fight cards and look forward to the huge events happening this weekend. UFC 205 features three world title fights while Bellator makes a historic debut in Israel on Friday. Danny Garcia will also take on Samuel Vargas to headline one of Premier Boxing Championships’ final blockbuster cards of 2016. We start off the broadcast with some political discourse about the election of Donald Trump as the 45th United States President.




Las Vegas (Sept. 22, 2016) – Another memorable Titans of the Trade Breakfast of Champions is in the books as the seventh installment of the Mayweather Promotions’ ceremony which took place on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Tom Colicchios Craftsteak inside The MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This year’s event resulted in a morning of excellence, regarded as the most influential to date, surrounded by powerful and accomplished women in the sports industry.
Honorees included the first African American VP in MLB history Marian Rhodes, Premier Boxing Champions President of Boxing Operations Sylvia Browne-Owens, Boxing’s WBC World Champion Alicia Ashley, and a newly added Young Trailblazer Award category recipients: the young and talented group of 6 siblings ages 8-18; The Finest Family, and record-setting high-jump phenomenon Vashti Cunningham.
For the second year in a row, the breakfast was hosted by HBO’s ‘Ballers‘ star Jazmyn Simon who opened the ceremony with her story on how she withstood the trials of all the hard work put into auditions and the “no’s” that came along with them before going to snag a starring role in HBO’s #1 rated 30-minute comedy series.
The Finest Family opened up the stage by receiving the first ever Young Trailblazers Award. The award was added to the program this year, to celebrate the young achievers in the sports & entertainment industry. The Finest Family showed us what unity and perseverance can bring.
We were once homeless, all we want to do is give back and let the families know to push hard. Now here we are accepting an award from Mayweather Promotions, who truly believes in our family. This award is dedicated to our parents, we would not be here accepting this Young Trailblazer award if it wasn’t for them.
“We fight the same battles as everyone else, we fight together as a family, and we fight to win. To motivate kids around the world to stay off the streets, and that we will not stop.”
Following a heartfelt speech, was boxing’s own Alicia Ashley who was honored with the Golden Glove Award, for her achievements in boxing and business accomplishments post-career. Ashley made history when she won the WCB super bantamweight title, becoming the oldest female champion at the age of 48.
“This was a great event, receiving such an amazing award among such amazing people, I am honored to be here with such strong women and to be The 2016 Golden Glove recipient!”
Marian Rhodes took the stage to receive The Titan of the Trade award, with her moving speech, and reminder to everyone that change is necessary.
“Al Campanis once said, African Americans could not hold positions in the front offices in baseball, most people would have saw that as a statement. I saw that as an opportunity. It was an opportunity to show how I was raised, how I was prepared in school growing up, who my parents were and taught me to be. That this is not about my race.
Now, I stand here proud to be the highest ranking African American woman in baseball, to have become the first African American Vice President at the St. Louis Cardinals organization back in 1994 (for a team who existed since 1881), and currently holding the highest position in MLB Human Resources, with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am a Titan of the Trade!
Closing the ceremony of great exemplary recipients was Sylvia Browne-Owens who accepted The Meritorious Award, for her fearlessness and accomplishments, in the male dominated boxing industry.
I want to thank Mayweather Promotions, I am humbled and honored to accept such a prestigious award. I am proud to be among such powerful women in this industry.
I was put in a position where I would become someone, one day. I was put behind Al Haymon who was the best at what he did. I was molded to not take no as an answer and to work hard. Never put limits on what you can accomplish.”
This year’s ceremony brought unity amongst those in attendance. Each person was moved by these inspiring figures, and touched by their journey in becoming a Titan!
In conjunction with this great event, those who have a strong desire to work and contribute their efforts within the Sports & Entertainment Industry have an opportunity receive a scholarship from the Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation. This program is designed to offer assistance to women who strive to make a positive impact, further their education, and benefit the profession as a whole. To apply for The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation: Advancement of Women in Sports & Entertainment Scholarship visit:http://tfmjf.org/scholarships/. The deadline to apply for the spring 2017 semester is November 15.
# # #
The Titans of the Trade: Breakfast of Champions was sponsored by: MGM Grand, Showtime Networks Inc., Las Vegas Tickets, FNOM, D’usse, Sababa Water,Artiques, Zoey Van Jones Brow Studio, The Birthday Suit, Hott Cakez of Las Vegas, and Box Human Landscapers.


Click HERE For Photos From From The Last Titans of the Trade Event
Las Vegas (Aug. 26, 2016) – For the 7th consecutive time, Mayweather Promotions’ staff prepares to leave its mark as the next installment of the signature event: Titans of the Trade Breakfast of Champions is set to take place on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak restaurant inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The theme- Strength, Courage, and Glove Affairexemplifies the mission of the event: to inspire, support, connect and build a strong community of professionals who aspire to impact the sports and entertainment industry. ClickHERE to purchase tickets to the breakfast.
Theprevious Titans of the Trade honorees included the first female coach in the NFL Dr. Jen Welter, Floyd Mayweather’s mother Deborah Sinclair and longtime female boxing judge Patricia Jarman. The Golden Glove Award was honored to Deborah Sinclair, one of the prominent figures Floyd often attributes his extraordinarily successful career to. The Meritorious Award was presented to Patricia Jarman for her contributions to the boxing industry as a judge, amongst many other accomplishments. Dr. Welter culminated the event with an inspiring speech as she accepted the Titans of the Trade Award, who spoke about the power of achieving one’s goals, not being afraid to pave your own way and the close bond that sports creates amongst people from all walks of life.
This September, the breakfast is set to return with greatness as it embodies the achievements of the esteemed professionals highlighted during the event, demonstrating that the industry is connecting, growing, and diversifying. Highlighted honorees include, The Finest Family (also known as the Monster Kids), Alicia Ashley, Vashti Cunningham, Marian Rhodes and Sylvia Browne-Owens.
Young Trailblazers Award recipient – The Finest Family, are a group of siblings coming from the windy city of Chicago, whose passion is to dance and entertain. The Family had been through many obstacles in life has overcome the odds from having once been homeless, to gracing the stage of national television.
Golden Glove Award recipient – Alicia “Slick” Ashley has broken down barriers, and her success inside the squared-circle has lad to international recognition, being televised more than 10 times worldwide. Ashley’s notable career highlights are extensive, with her most recent achievement being obtaining the 2015 WBC World Super Bantamweight World Champion title, becoming the oldest female boxer to hold a world title.
Young Trailblazers Award recipient- Vashti Cunningham has taken the world by storm after earning her first opportunity to participate in the Olympics this summer. 2016 has been a breakthrough year for her after graduating from Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas; the teenager set the new national high school record, jumped a mark equivalent to #3 in the world and World Youth Best, signed a deal with Nike, and turned professional all before the age of 18.
Titans of the Trade Award recipient – Marian Rhodes works behind the scenes for the Arizona Diamondbacks and has re-developed their human resources functions while reinforcing a workplace culture where the some of best and brightest in the sports industry want to work; she implemented programs that invested in the employees throughout the organization, which resulted in the D-backs being named one of the “Best Places to Work” in Phoenix, becoming the first sports organization to win such an honor.
Meritorious Achievement Award recipient – Sylvia Browne-Owens is the President of Boxing Operations for Haymon Sports, LLC- the creators of Premier Boxing Champions-a television series launched in 2015 that made the professional sport of boxing accessible to the public by bringing it back to national television after 30 years. Browne-Owens is an unstoppable force that is not afraid to strive for success in a male-dominated sport and takes great pride in being acknowledged as “the woman behind the most powerful man in boxing,” Al Haymon.
In addition, the event will be emceed by the beautiful and multi-talented star of HBO’s Ballers, Jazmyn Simon, who graces the stage for the second time and shares an inspirational story of a struggling actress who after over 200 different auditions finally landed her big break.
This year’s Titans of the Trade: Breakfast of Champions – Strength, Courage, and Glove Affair is sponsored by:Mayweather Promotions, Showtime Networks Inc., MGM Grand, and Las Vegas Tickets.
# # #
In conjunction with this great event, those who have a strong desire to work and contribute their efforts within the Sports and Entertainment Industry, the Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation offers a scholarship for women on a bi-annual basis. This program is funded by the proceeds donated to the foundation as a result of the Titans of the Trade Breakfast. It is designed to offer assistance to women with the potential to make a positive impact, further their education, and benefit the profession as a whole. To apply for The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation Advancement of Women in Sports & Entertainment Scholarship visit: http://tfmjf.org/scholarships/. The deadline to apply for the sprint semester is November 15.





Tune-In Tonight At 10 p.m. ET/PT On SHOWTIME EXTREME® To Re-Live Mayweather’s Dominating Win Over Previously Undefeated Canelo Alvarez; Watch Round 7 Now:http://s.sho.com/23pPQXm


Photo Credit: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME


NEW YORK (May 5, 2016) – Universally acknowledged as the most talented fighter of this generation and one of the greatest boxers in history, now-retired Floyd Mayweather will be honored during the month of May when SHOWTIME Sports® continues its year-long salute commemorating 30 years of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING®with “MAYWEATHER”.


The fifth round of a 12-month tribute will be highlighted by four of the most memorable and meaningful fights in Mayweather’s magnificent 19-year career – against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Marcos “Chino” Maidana, Manny Pacquiao and Andre Berto.


The four fights will air on “Throwback Thursdays” all month at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHO EXTREME and are available on SHOWTIME ON DEMAND®, SHOWTIME ANYTIME® and via the network’s online streaming service.  Each fight will be wrapped with brief context and commentary from SHOWTIME Sports host Brian Custer.


Below is the schedule of SHOWTIME EXTREME premieres for the month of May

  • Thursday, May 5: Mayweather vs. Canelo
  • Thursday, May 12: Mayweather vs. Maidana I
  • Thursday, May 19: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao
  • Thursday, May 26: Mayweather vs. Berto


May Days


(Mayweather-Canelo, Sept. 14, 2013) — In a blockbuster megaevent billed as “The One,” Mayweather won an impressive 12-round decision over previously undefeated Canelo Alvarez in the then-highest-grossing pay-per-view and most profitable boxing event of all time. For the night’s work, Mayweather collected Canelo’s WBC, WBA and Ring Magazine Super Welterweight Championships.


(Mayweather-Maidana 1, May 3, 2014) — Mayweather seized “The Moment” against Marcos Maidana, but it wasn’t easy. For a stirring moment – or two, in fact – it appeared the aggressive-minded Argentine might do the unthinkable — and deal Mayweather his first defeat. But the supremely skilled and savvy Mayweather rallied convincingly in the bout’s second half to take a 12-round majority decision.

(Mayweather-Pacquiao, May 2, 2015) – Five-Division world champion Mayweather won a clear 12-round unanimous decision over Eight-Division world champion Manny Pacquiao in a record-shattering “Fight of the Century.”  Regarded as one of the most anticipated sporting events of all time, Mayweather-Pacquiao demolished PPV records for buys, revenue, live gate and more. The fight nearly doubled the previous record of 2.48 million buys generated by the Mayweather-Oscar De La Hoya match in 2007 and nearly tripled the record $150 million in U.S. pay-per-view revenue generated by Mayweather-Canelo in 2013.  Inside the ring, Floyd had his way throughout, winning by the scores of 118-110 and 116-112 twice,


(Sept. 12, 2015, Mayweather-Berto) – Mayweather went to 49-0, matching the record of the late heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano, with a dominant 12-round unanimous decision over Berto. In command throughout, “TBE” landed an impressive 56 percent (232/410) in punches thrown and 67 percent of his power punches (132/196) to triumph by the scores of 120-108, 118-110 and 117-111. If this was Mayweather’s last fight, as he’s said, then the maestro manufactured yet one last masterpiece.