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Complete Bellator 191: McDonald vs. Ligier Fight Card Results:


Michael McDonald (18-4) defeated Peter Ligier (8-2-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8acndyoa13mtgs7/AABOlDgJCtycBa-bPH8L1e8Qa?dl=0


McDonald Quote: “I was happy with the performance. He ate some heavy punches. I hit him hard enough to break my right hand again, so he’s very durable and I expected that from him. I’ve seen him get put down and keep coming. He was very impressive, I’m honored to have fought him and he really stepped up to the occasion. I think that I have some pretty high accolades for a bantamweight, but I really have no idea how that stacks up to the other guys in my division. We will let this hand heal up and find out soon.”


Valerie Letourneau (9-6) defeated Kate Jackson (9-3-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xv8mhtcx9eku5p9/AAB94OCwYqOCIUbHyTcU3chUa?dl=0


Letourneau Quote: “I never feel like I’m doing enough. That’s the first thing I ask my coach: ‘Was it a good fight?’ I think experience has taught me to be patient in the fight and to fight smart. You always want to put on a show, but sometimes it can cost you the fight. In my last fight, I didn’t do enough because I was too careful. I wanted to bring all that experience together and make the best of it.”


 “This was a very important fight for me. I’m 34, my daughter’s a teenager now. I’ve sacrificed a lot of things for my career. But I want this Bellator belt so bad. It was really hard for me to watch Ilima Macfarlane and Emily Ducote fight for it first. I have so much respect for both of them, but I wanted to be the first one to fight for the title. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but to me that’s the only thing I have on my mind right now. Ilima knows I want to fight her and she had a really good performance in her last fight. When it happens, I think it’s going to be a really good matchup. It’s going to be an exciting fight.”


Mohammad Yahya (4-1) defeated Ash Griffiths (4-5) via TKO at 3:26 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/62fh9s38lo1de3x/AAAF5NCgKybT6v1HG9qYJOaHa?dl=0


Yahya Quote: “This is what we trained for and we executed exactly as we planned. I was very confident in the opening round. I said that I was going to win in the first round by TKO and I did just that. It’s confidence, but this is also a product of hard work. I was training very hard for this and I executed. I knew that I had the best team in the world and we’re on to the next one now.”


Philip De Fries (14-6, 1 NC) def. James Thompson (20-17, 1 NC) via submission (guillotine) at 1:33 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/efcurjmp6k10j2q/AADd556tK8j6Lg-T7Te54Z_ma?dl=0


De Fries Quote: “I feel great, the less damage the better. I’m not getting any prettier. Hats off to James, he’s a legend. It’s a shame it was over so quick, it could have been a barn burner. But I’m happy. I want to climb the ladder here in Bellator. If there is an opening in this tournament, I’ll gladly step in. I feel great at the moment. Fighting is 90 percent mental and the first half of my career, I didn’t have the head for it. But now I’m putting everything together, I feel great and I’m performing. I’m ready, I’ll fight anybody.


Jeremy Petley (12-8) def. Lewis Monarch (9-3) via split decision (29-28 x2, 27-30)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q1gw2zn80ujf2ps/AABweE-l4KMFb00-hvR7CExDa?dl=0


Petley Quote: “I was prepared to do the job and really demonstrate my skills. He put up a tough fight and made me work for it. I was prepared for a war, and that’s what he gave me so I had to dig deep. Lewis was a good opponent but I knew no matter what the situation or adversity, that I have a big heart, I have work ethic, a good skillset and a good corner behind me. I knew that no matter what happened, I would come out with the victory.”


“This is a fraction of my potential. I want the big fights, I want the Bellator title. I want to move up, I want to move forward and fight late in the night. I have what it takes, so I’ll take anybody. This was not the most convincing win, but no matter who I face, I can win. I don’t care who it is up against me, I can always find a way. I find a way to win. That’s what I do.”

FNU Combat Sports Show: Quitters Never Win

This broadcast of the FNU Combat Sports Show starts off with one of the most controversial stories of the week. Many sports pundits are quick to ridicule Guillermo Rigondeaux for bowing out of his blockbuster boxing match with Vasyl Lomachenko last Saturday. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith wasted no time during the broadcast, ripping into the Cuban boxer for refusing to come out for the seventh round of the one-sided fight. Teddy Atlas, exiled from his ringside reporting duties thanks to his outspoken views on boxing corruption and his abrasive treatment of lesser-experienced commentators, came to Rigo’s defense. Atlas argued with Smith from his own home studio, basically explaining that everyone is human. Tom, Tony and Rich all offer their own takes on the situation and their thoughts on the “fight.”

We also track the latest news in combat sports, recap the past week’s events and preview competing UFC and Bellator events this Saturday.  We even touch on the multiple story lines involving Floyd Mayweather Jr. that are making the rounds in the sports media this week.  “Money” claims he can make up to a billion dollars if he goes into the UFC for a three or four fight deal. Well, good luck, Floyd. I hear CM Punk wants another fight.

Listen to the two part broadcast below.


Part 1:


Part 2:










NEWCASTLE, England – Only one main event competitor is sure to be smiling after their matchup tomorrow night when Michael McDonald(17-4) makes his Bellator debut against Peter Ligier (8-1-1) in the headlining bout of Bellator 191.


Another high-profile free agent signing in Valerie Letourneau (8-6) is also set to make her long-awaited promotional debut, squaring off against Kate Jackson (9-2-1) in the co-main event at Newcastle, England’s Metro Radio Arena.


Bellator 191: McDonald vs. Ligier will be broadcast free on SPIKE Friday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT. The event marks the last time Bellator will air on SPIKE before the network rebrands itself as Paramount Network in January.


Tickets for the event can be purchased from Ticketmaster.co.uk & event.co.uk


Complete Bellator 191: McDonald vs. Ligier Fight Card:

138 Pound Catchweight Main Event: Michael McDonald (137.6 lbs.) vs. Peter Ligier (135.8 lbs.) Photos

Women’s Flyweight Co-Main Event: Valerie Letourneau (125.8 lbs.) vs. Kate Jackson (125.5 lbs.) Photos

Heavyweight Feature Bout: James Thompson (266 lbs.) vs. Phil De Fries (261 lbs.) Photos

Welterweight Feature Bout: Mohammad Yahya (163 lbs.) vs. Ash Griffiths (170.5 lbs.) Photos

Featherweight Preliminary Bout: Jeremy Petley (146.4 lbs.) vs. Lewis Monarch (146 lbs.) Photos








FLORENCE, Italy – A sold out crowd was on hand for Bellator’s return to the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, Italy to cheer on their national hero, Alessio Sakara, in his bid for the middleweight title at Bellator 190.  However, reigning champion Rafael Carvalho emerged victorious in his third defense of the belt with yet another exciting performance. With the victory, Carvalho is now tied with Alexander Shlemenko for most title defenses in promotional history.


Additionally, Bellator has announced plans for a summer return to Italy in the country’s capital city of Rome on July 7 with an event that will air on the soon-to-launch Paramount Network. The date marks the company’s first trip to Rome, after hosting multiple events in both Torino and Florence.


“After the success of our events in Torino and Florence, Italy over the last two years, we knew that it was time to do a show in Rome, a city rooted deep in combat sports history,” Bellator President Scott Coker said. “The Italian fans have shown their passion for the sport and we look forward to bringing a huge card to Rome next year on July 7.”


Additional details about the card, including matchups, ticket and broadcast details will be announced shortly.


Bellator 190: Carvalho vs. Sakara Results:


Rafael Carvalho (15-1) defeated Alessio Sakara (19-12, 2 NC) via KO at 0:44 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1mimwbtlv7zjc8q/AAATYi5x1XR6AT9CWR9XW1aNa?dl=0


Quote: “I trained really hard for this fight. I made many sacrifices to get here and get ready for a tough fight with [Alessio] Sakara. With my preparation, I was able to get a good result quickly and I’m happy about that. I hurt my hand a little bit in the final sequence, maybe I punched the mat, but I hope to get back in the cage as soon as possible to continue defending my belt.”


Brandon Girtz (15-7) defeated Luka Jelcic (10-3) via TKO at 1:57 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/42f9tpuq9tlmmo2/AAAVZtpCY5RiOtfhqwGxQ2oIa?dl=0


Quote: “I was just going out there to throw bombs and put him away quickly and that’s exactly what happened. That’s what I usually do. Training camp was great, I was able to actually prepare for my opponent and it worked out well. I’ve had a great experience out here in Italy, it has been a journey and I treated it like an adventure. It was my first time fighting out of the country so everything was an adjustment and I came out nine days in advance to get acclimated. I want another tough opponent. Luka [Jelcic] was a tough guy, he was no slouch whatsoever. I want another top guy, that’s why I’m here – to fight the top guys and that’s what I’ve been doing since I got here to Bellator.”


Alejandra Lara (7-1) defeated Lena Ovchynnikova (12-5, 1 NC) via rear-naked choke at 4:09 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j0e20cweikosmcr/AACc1OTFCsi6xmFNIxCRdFTwa?dl=0


Quote: “I was very excited for my Bellator debut and to be the first Colombian female in the promotion. I’ve been training incredibly hard, I felt that I was very well prepared for this fight. I just wanted to show the world how tough I am and I think I did that tonight. I spent half of my camp in Guadalajara with Alexa Grasso and Team Grasso there, and then I also went up to work with Roufusport Academy in Milwaukee to prepare for the fight. Both camps were amazing for me, and I learned a great deal, I just want to keep learning and competing. I am prepared for whatever is next. I look forward to big challenges in Bellator.”


Carlos Miranda (11-3) defeated Mihail Nica (6-1) via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h2xekntid4tt03r/AAB1CBdvVX4cfuFA3FWKTDgva?dl=0


Gregory Babene (19-11) defeated Tony Zanko (1-5) via arm bar at 2:04 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rqyfbyrdps1oejo/AABdgCAaFdb7u-MeN_ONq8ITa?dl=0


Video Highlights Here: http://qlnk.io/ql/5a2c8784e4b073ff34846f4f


Bellator Kickboxing 8 Results:


Raymond Daniels (13-3) defeated Giannis Boukis (27-2) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dacqyn8gk1t6ov1/AABXyk_AvcaG8WUVZM3bWLJTa?dl=0


Quote: “Speed is definitely my advantage every time I get in the ring, and it was no different tonight. First and foremost, I’d like to give all the glory to God, because through him, all things are possible. I’d like to thank my opponent for taking this fight. It’s an honor to come here and fight in front of the Italian people. This is an incredible country with beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful wine, great history. This is a fighting country. I think I might have some Italian in my DNA because every time I come here my blood boils and I feel like I’m ready to spar, I’m ready to fight. To anyone who wants it: come on, take a number and stand in line. You have seen my highlight reel, if you want to be part of it – I promise you, I can make you famous.”


Joe Schilling (23-9) defeated Filip Verlinden (44-19-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/liprom6xnlsvco3/AABPJD0B3Pe8d_8Gm5LmbNYua?dl=0


Quote: “I’ve got to watch the replay again. I thought Filip did a really good job and I was really excited to be fighting somebody of his caliber. Going into the fight, I thought he was the toughest guy Bellator has given me. When we were both with my last promotion, we were both top three the entire time I was there. I knew he was going to be a tough opponent, that’s why there was no trash talk from either one of us, I think we were both ready for a great fight and we delivered. I honestly was pretty frustrated with my performance and after the fight I told Jimmy (Smith) that I thought he had won. Now I’m back here in the locker room and everyone is telling me that I’m crazy for that take. I’d love to fight him again and finish him off. Maybe for a world championship. That’d be nice. But for now, I’m excited to go enjoy my vacation.”


John Wayne Parr (98-32) defeated Piergiulio Paolucci (24-6-1) via TKO at 2:32 of round three


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/er6m9gzbvk7knb5/AAAqbhlfJSLrXjwPsBMetIe9a?dl=0


Quote: “I’m very excited coming off of this performance. I thought my opponent was a bit awkward. I wanted to give him respect because I knew he had heavy hands. But once I felt that I could win, I started walking forward more and I threw a couple spinning back kicks just for fun, just to entertain. I had the one spinning heel kick that landed and thought that was pretty cool. I was pretty excited about that. I was just happy to get the stoppage really, because nobody wants to win by points. I’m inching closer to 100 victories and I’d love to hit that milestone here in such a major promotion like Bellator. Especially at my age of 41, being able to fight on the big stage is so surreal. I can’t believe that I’m still here competing in this sport that I love, and more than just competing, I’m being successful. I’ve got to thank Scott Coker, everyone at Bellator and Spike, and everyone that follows the sport for giving me the opportunity to do what I do. I’m really scared to be 41 and know that one day I’m going to have to retire, but right now, I’m having too much fun to stop.”


Hamza Imane (50-12-2) defeated Kevin Ross (45-13) via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tz29hlhly6x48b6/AAC3AugQrbNxNWFAQXtIvc-2a?dl=0


Gabriel Varga (14-5) defeated Roberto Gheorghita (30-7-3) via TKO at 2:49 of round two


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7s75mm0hl33pzse/AAD-U3845d0GcdY83eBB0EM6a?dl=0


Video Highlights Here: http://qlnk.io/ql/5a2c8784e4b073ff34846f4f



We’re Back! FNU Combat Sports Show Returns!

After a couple weeks off, we come back this week to talk about the combat sports world. Tom, Tony and Rich catch up and discuss the events of the past couple weeks and preview upcoming boxing and MMA action. Tom, Tony and Rich pay special attention to last weekend’s awesome UFC card with two of the best fights of the year in MMA to chat about. Eddie Alvarez’s masterful performance against Justin Gaethje was exciting enough, but add in the performance of Yancy Medeiros against Charles Oliveira and that put this card into a category all its own. We also discuss the latest boxing news and Miguel Cotto’s retirement fight. Listen to the broadcast in the player below.






Complete Bellator 189: Budd vs. Blencowe 2 Main Card Results:

Julia Budd (11-2) defeated Arlene Blencowe (10-7) via split decision (46-49, 48-47, 49-46)

Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sch58s8ehmtwnjr/AAAx69mIvHYsMWb1iukNObqea?dl=0


Rafael Lovato Jr. (7-0) defeated Chris Honeycutt (10-2, 1 NC) via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tcr1yg7q1e190fc/AAA7RYTKz1PLenoBmmjKaluTa?dl=0


Chidi Njokuani (18-5, 1 NC) defeated Hisaki Kato (8-3) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xbk2nyzieavcgcm/AADm9fwL3c9TniJiK-gb-u4oa?dl=0


David Rickels (19-4, 2 NC) defeated Adam Piccolotti (9-2) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jz0hx1wjmz82s11/AAB-PokM2z8vn211Lmv9WojZa?dl=0


Preliminary Card Results:

Sam Sicilia (16-8) defeated Marcos Galvao (18-9-1) via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Gaston Bolanos (2-1) defeated Rick Gutierrez (0-2) via knockout at 1:13 of round one

Mandel Nallo (6-0) defeated Alec Williams (6-2) via TKO at 0:18 of round one

Juliana Velasquez (6-0) defeated Na Liang (6-2) via submission (arm bar) at 0:32 of round two

Cris Williams (3-0) defeated Thomas Lopez (1-3) via submission (triangle) at 1:39 of round one

Stephanie Geltmacher (2-0) defeated Ky Bennett (0-1) via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-27)

Brian Grinnell (9-7) defeated Kemmyelle Haley (7-6) via submission at 0:39 of round one

Brandon Phillips (7-3) defeated Jordan Howard (10-4) via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Andrew Parker (7-2) defeated Frank Patterson (4-5) via submission (triangle) at 3:03 of round one





LOS ANGELES – Two of Bellator’s top recent free agent signings, Michael McDonald (17-4) and Valerie Letourneau (8-6), will both make their long-awaited promotional debuts during Bellator 191 at Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England on Friday, Dec. 15.


“Mayday” will take on Peter Ligier (8-1-1) in a bantamweight main event, while “Trouble” will compete at flyweight against Kate Jackson (9-2-1) in the co-main event. In addition, British heavyweights collide when James “The Colossus” Thompson (20-16, 1 NC) returns to the Bellator cage where he meets Philip De Fries (13-6, 1 NC). Finally, two lightweight contests have also been added, as Jeremy Petley (11-8) battles Lewis Monarch (9-2) and Ash Griffiths (4-4) takes on Mohammad Yahya (3-1).


Bellator 191: McDonald vs. Ligier will be broadcast free on SPIKE Friday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT. Tickets for the event can be purchased from Ticketmaster.co.uk & event.co.uk.


At only 26 years of age, McDonald will enter the Bellator cage with experience against some of the top bantamweights the sport of MMA has to offer, including Renan Barao, John Lineker, Urijah Faber and Brad Pickett. A veteran of the WEC and UFC veteran, the Modesto, Calif.-native signed with Bellator following a nine-fight, five-year run with his former promotion. With 15 finishes in his 17 wins as a professional, McDonald will look to hand Ligier his first stoppage loss of his career.


Hailing from Paris, France, Ligier turned pro in 2013 and has competed exclusively on the European circuit throughout his 10-fight career. Also known as “BadAzz,” the 31-year-old has finished his opponent in five out of eight opportunities, amounting to an impressive finishing rate of 63%. Now making his debut with Bellator, Ligier formerly competed for BAMMA in 2014.


The Canadian-born Létourneau, a former UFC strawweight title challenger, carries an impressive track record of thrilling fights, highlighted by a world title contest against former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Now, moving up to her more natural weight class, the 34-year-old American Top Team product will make her debut for Bellator. On Dec. 15, “Trouble” will look to improve upon her eight victories as a professional, a tally that includes five finishes, with four coming by way of knockout.


Fresh off a victory over Colleen Schneider at Bellator 182 in August, the victory gave Jackson five wins in a row, including four stoppages. Jackson hasn’t lost since May of 2013, a period which also included a run on reality television show The Ultimate Fighter season 23. Hailing from Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England, Jackson will have the home crowd to her advantage at Bellator 191.


Complete Bellator 191: McDonald vs. Ligier Fight Card:

Bantamweight Main Event: Michael McDonald (17-4) vs. Peter Ligier (8-1-1)

Women’s Flyweight Co-Main Event: Valerie Letourneau (8-6) vs. Kate Jackson (9-2-1)

Heavyweight Feature Bout: James Thompson (20-16, 1 NC) vs. Philip De Fries (13-6, 1 NC)

Lightweight Feature Bout: Jeremy Petley (11-8) vs. Lewis Monarch (9-2)


Preliminary Card:

Lightweight Preliminary Bout: Mohammad Yahya (3-1) vs. Ash Griffiths (4-4)









LOS ANGELES –The bracket for the Bellator MMA World Grand Prix 2018 Heavyweight Tournament has been set.


At Bellator 192: Lima vs. MacDonald on January 20, 2018 at The Forum in Los Angeles, the tournament will begin with former champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (37-12) taking on renowned trash-talker Chael Sonnen (30-15-1) in an exciting first-round matchup. The event will air on the soon-to-launch Paramount Network.


Shortly thereafter, Matt Mitrione (12-5) will meet Roy Nelson (23-14) on February 16 at Bellator 194, an event which will emanate from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. In April, the greatest heavyweight of all time Fedor Emelianenko (36-5, 1 NC) battles former UFC champ Frank Mir(18-11) inside Allstate Arena in Chicago in a long-awaited clash. The final first round bout will feature current Bellator light heavyweight champion Ryan Bader (24-5) taking on former STRIKEFORCE champ “King Mo” Lawal (21-6, 1 NC) at San Jose, California’s SAP Center in May.


Dates for both the semi-finals and final will be determined, as will tournament alternates who will be available to fill in due to any unforeseen circumstances. The year-long World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament will culminate in the winner becoming the new Bellator world heavyweight champion.


Below, you will find the official trailer for the Bellator MMA World Grand Prix 2018 Heavyweight Tournament. Please feel free to share:

Watch video here


Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix First-Round Matchups:

Bellator 192 at The Forum – Jan. 20, 2018: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (37-12) vs. Chael Sonnen (30-15-1)

Bellator 194 at Mohegan Sun Arena – Feb. 16, 2018: Matt Mitrione (12-5) vs. Roy Nelson (23-14)

Bellator at Allstate Arena – April, 2018: Fedor Emelianenko (36-5, 1 NC) vs. Frank Mir (18-11)

Bellator at SAP Center – May, 2018: Ryan Bader (24-5) vs. “King Mo” Lawal (21-6, 1 NC)



LOS ANGELES – Bellator returns to Florence, Italy on Saturday, December 9, when both Bellator MMA and Bellator Kickboxing, along with Oktagon, emanate from the Nelson Mandela Forum for another huge evening of combat sports action.


Bellator 190 will air free on SPIKE at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT and will be immediately followed by Bellator Kickboxing 8. Tickets for the event start at just €30 and are available at Bellator.com.


Bellator 190 will be headlined by current middleweight champ Rafael Carvalho (14-1), who will defend his title against Italy’s popular knockout artist, Alessio “Legionarius” Sakara (19-11, 2 NC). In addition, Brandon Girtz (14-7) takes on Luca Jelcic (10-2) at lightweight, while Mihail Nica (6-0) meets Carlos Miranda (10-3) in second lightweight clash. A women’s flyweight offering rounds out the card when Lena Ovchynnikova (12-4, 1 NC) battles Alejandra Lara (6-1).


Meanwhile, Bellator Kickboxing 8 boasts a pair of world champions in Raymond Daniels (12-3) and Kevin Ross (45-12) taking on Giannis Boukis (27-1) and Hamza Imane (49-12-2) respectively, in non-title fights. Other kickboxing stars are on display as Joe “Stitch ‘Em Up” Schilling (22-9) challenges Filipino Verlinden (44-18-1), Aussie legend John Wayne Parr (97-32) competes for the 130th time versus Piergiulio Paolucci (24-5-1) and Canadian featherweight Gabriel Varga (13-5) rounds out the card in a matchup with Roberto Georghita (30-6-3).


Complete Bellator 190: Carvalho vs. Sakara Card:

Middleweight World Title Main Event: Rafael Carvalho (14-1) vs. Alessio Sakara (19-11, 2 NC)

Lightweight Main Card Bout: Brandon Girtz (14-7) vs. Luka Jelcic (10-2)

Women’s Flyweight Main Card Bout:  Lena Ovchynnikova (12-4, 1 NC) vs. Alejandra Lara (6-1)

Lightweight Main Card Bout: Mihail Nica (6-0) vs. Carlos Miranda (10-3)


Preliminary Card:

Middleweight Preliminary Bout: Gregory Babene (18-11) vs. Tony Zanko (1-4)


Complete Bellator Kickboxing 8: Daniels vs. Boukis Card:

Welterweight Main Event (non-title): Raymond Daniels (12-3) vs. Giannis Boukis (27-1)

Middleweight Main Card Bout: Joe Schilling (22-9) vs. Filipino Verlinden (44-18-1)

161 lb. Catchweight Main Card Bout: John Wayne Parr (97-32) vs. Piergiulio Paolucci (24-5-1)

Lightweight Main Card Bout (non-title): Kevin Ross (45-12) vs. Hamza Imane (49-12-2)

Featherweight Main Card Bout: Gabriel Varga (13-5) vs. Roberto Gheorghita (30-6)





Noad Lahat (12-3) defeated Jeremiah Labiano (11-6) via unanimous decision (29-27 x3)


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lqlr8xxw8peeomk/AAAKwiHgTm33fMz6nJjFBDbga?dl=0


Haim Gozali (8-4) defeated Arsen Faitovich (4-2) via submission (triangle choke) at :45 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ee0vjzs70r57iaw/AAB-nPS5o_IWkiN2zzcGpkQ5a?dl=0


John Salter (15-3) defeated Jason Radcliffe (12-5) via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:55 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zeo87htbnc43m3h/AACnythlTH09nBjv1br0AlYIa?dl=0


Denise Kielholtz (1-1) defeated Jessica Middleton (2-3) via submission (armbar) at 1:16 of round one


Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7smow9ic1rokft0/AADpDDq3mRQt3Pj2CTpjcdFxa?dl=0


Preliminary Card:

Luiz Rocha (4-1) defeated Almog Shay (2-2) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Assaf Batan (1-0) defeated Mor Attias (0-1) via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:08 of round three

Matan Levi (3-0) defeated Erik Sianov (0-1) via majority decision (28-28, 29-27, 29-27)

Raz Bring (3-0) defeated Nadim Kablan (1-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Moshe Ben Chimol (2-0) defeated Ivan Solomatov (0-1) via submission (armbar) at 4:00 of round one

Adam Keresh (1-0) defeated Roman Kushnir (0-1) via TKO (punches ) at 3:00 of round two

Natanial Parisi (1-0) defeated Or Eliov (0-1) via submission (anaconda choke) at 3:45 of round one

Gad David Abisror (Debut) vs. Alexander Trofimov (1-0) – No Contest (accidental foul)

Alexander Nikulin (3-0) defeated Rami Abuhav (0-1) via KO at 1:57 of round one

Oron Kahlon (3-0) defeated Julian Maloku (0-1) via submission (triangle) at 2:08 of round one

Olga Rubin (4-0) defeated Joana Filipa (0-1) via TKO (strikes) at 3:46 of round two

Shimon Gosh (6-2) defeated Francisco Silva (1-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)




About Bellator:

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