Pronabolin User Review: Boosting Testosterone Naturally

By: Rich Bergeron


I recently had the opportunity to take a testosterone booster called Pronabolin, which is an all-natural product. As a logger with my own firewood company (, I could always use more energy and muscle, but that wasn’t the only reason I realized I needed more testosterone.

This year I am preparing for my debut in mixed martial arts as an amateur fighter. I will be adding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more dynamic striking to my background training in karate, boxing and wrestling. There are also certain rules I will need to observe in the amateurs forbidding elbows of any kind and all knees to the head. This training requires great strength, stamina and self-control.

Prior to learning about Pronabolin and trying it, I was a huge critic of older mixed martial artists using so-called TRT: Testosterone Replacement Therapy. There was just so much controversy around the subject, and the health benefits were still questionable when exemptions were allowed for the treatments. Prescribed testosterone treatments were popping up in those common commercials asking people who took the drugs and suffered severe consequences to contact a lawyer and get justice for the damage done. Heart attacks and deaths were among the most urgent “side effects” of the more potent products.

So, when Pronabolin promised to provide the same testosterone boost with natural ingredients (see below), I gave it a shot.

supplemental facts

Notice the suggested use line above. This is the one and only issue I had with this product, and I hope they will look into changing their labels in the future. The instructions tell adults to “take 3 capsules once a day.” I would counter that by advising users to take one capsule with breakfast, one at mid-day or lunch and the other in the afternoon or early evening. Taking all three at one time as my introduction to the product gave me a very discomforting surge of energy and made my heart beat a mile a minute. I quickly adjusted my intake after that to one or two capsules at a time.

My chief concern with training was shedding weight, and this product helped tremendously in that department. I started out around 205-210 pounds and am able to maintain  walk-around weight of 195 at this point. This is just ten pounds away from where I hope to have my fighting debut at: 185 pounds. Prior to using Pronabolin,  I had a really hard time with my metabolism being too slow and gaining too much weight. Using the product faithfully everyday helped my metabolism catch up, and the digestive benefits seemed to be the most pronounced effect of all.

One of the more surprising and pleasant developments I experienced while taking Pronabolin related to my love life. Deciding to take on a mixed martial arts match was just part of my campaign to change my life for the better in all the most important categories. I simply wanted to be a stronger physical, spiritual, mental and social being.

I began searching for dates a bit before I started taking Pronabolin, and I already had a wild appetite for sex and great stamina before taking the product. So, while I didn’t really NEED help, Pronabolin actually took me to the next level as a lover. Once I did find the right lady and started getting serious, the lovemaking became more and more intense, more frequent (five or six times in one night at times), and always very satisfying for myself and my partner.  I definitely noticed how Pronabolin could take me to a higher sexual plane and keep me there, and so did my new lady friend.

Meeting the woman of my dreams and finding out she loved our time in bed as much as I did also came with other benefits. She lives near a mixed martial arts gym where I can train, and she also has a friend with a dog who loves to go on long hikes with me. She is even on a weight loss quest of her own, so us meeting when we did was absolutely perfect timing.

I can definitely say that Pronabolin truly changed my life. It is no gimmick or placebo, and it WORKS! I hope to continue training harder and harder as my debut fight gets closer, and Pronabolin will be a huge part of that training regimen.

It is important to note that my first phase of using the product did not involve taking all three pills each and every day. I was also dealing with multiple sicknesses during the standard cold and flu season in New England.  This had a severely negative effect on my training routine, as just when I seemed to be in a good rhythm, sickness knocked me out of it over the last two months in particular. Perhaps I need to look into some supplements to boost my immune system as well. The bottom line is, this was not a very scientific product review process. I took Pronabolin in a manner that many common users will likely be able to relate to.

During the next phase of my training I will be using Pronabolin more as a formal building block for the transformation of my physique. As of now I have more of a four pack set of abs than a six pack, and even that’s not very pronounced and defined. My chest is also in need of some more toning and shaping.

Before I step into the cage across from another combatant, I feel that it is essential for me to develop the best physical appearance I can possibly present. I want the crowd and my opponent to know I’m a serious contender, and that starts with showing off all the results of all the hard work that leads up to fight night.

For now, I can unequivocally say that Pronabolin helped prove to me that all testosterone treatments are not dangerous or detrimental to an athlete’s long term health. The product also helped provide natural energy, boosted my metabolism, and gave me a new lease on my sex life.

I give Pronabolin five stars, and I look forward to entering the next phase of training and sharing the results here and on our YouTube Page.

I will track my progress and performance more closely during this next phase, and I will open up my training to the public eye to really highlight how Pronabolin can help anyone wanting to improve their physique and quality of life.

If you have any experience with this product you can share, please leave a comment and tell us about what Pronabolin did for you.

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