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 Kelly Swanson         

Thanks, everybody, for joining us today. Today on the call we have none other than ‘TBE’ the greatest fighter on the earth, Floyd Mayweather, 11-time World Champion. We also have Leonard Ellerbe, CEO, Mayweather Promotions.  Leonard, please start with the introductions.  Thank you.


Leonard Ellerbe       

Thank you, everyone, for joining us on the call. We’ll jump right into this without further ado.  None other than Floyd Mayweather himself.


Floyd Mayweather   

Hey, how is everyone doing?  I want to thank Leonard.  I want to thank Kelly.  I want to thank my team.  I want to thank all the media from around the world that have been covering this fight.  I want to thank everyone, I just want to say that you guys are doing a great job and I appreciate you.



That thing on SportsCenter the other night, when you were talking about your place in boxing history and you said you thought you were greater than Muhammad Ali.  Can you expand on your reasons why you feel that way?


F. Mayweather         

I just feel like, like I said before, I take my hat off and then acknowledge all of the past champions. Ali, I think he was a legend.  I respect Ali like I respect any other champion.  I just feel like I’ve done everything I can do in this sport over my whole life, for 30-something years.  I feel like I’ve done just as much in this sport as Ali did.


There’s no disrespect to him.  I just feel like, when you look at it, Ali was great in one weight class, which is heavyweight.  But he stood up for a good cause; he stood up for a hell of a cause in his era.


I think that it’s hard for a guy to beat me. I’m still sharp, still very, very sharp at the age of 38.  Still going strong at the age of 38.  There’s no disrespect to Ali, as I said before.  I just feel like I’m the best, no different from how he called himself ‘The Greatest,’ I call myself ‘TBE.’


I’m pretty sure that I will get criticized for what I said, but I can care less.  I couldn’t care less about the backlash.  I believe what I believe like he probably got criticized at one particular time when he said that he was the greatest.  He felt like he was better than Sugar Ray Robinson.  The list goes on and on.  I’m pretty sure there’s going to be another fighter that’s going to come along and say he’s better than Floyd Mayweather and he’s going to get criticized.



Do you think that Manny Pacquiao believes anything that Freddie Roach is saying when it comes to the bad guy and all this other stuff?  Or do you think he’s just blowing smoke?


F. Mayweather         

I’m not going to speak negative about Freddie Roach.  I don’t have to at all.  If I say something about the guy, they’re going to think Floyd is picking on a guy, who is not 100 percent healthy.


Then, if I comment on some of the stuff he says, he’s making this basically a God and devil type thing.  The best way to handle a situation like that, is not to say anything at all, if you don’t have anything positive to say.  He don’t have to get in there and fight, so when it comes down to it, it’s up to the two fighters.


He’s entitled to say what he wants to say, but the fighter is not speaking like that.  I couldn’t care less because it comes down to the two fighters.  I wish Freddie Roach nothing but the best; I don’t have anything negative to say about him.  I’m truly blessed to be where I’m at and I’m thankful to be where I’m at.



The magnitude of this fight, I know you treat it like just another fight, but what about your team?  How has your team dealt with the press?


F. Mayweather         

I’m very happy, like I said before.  A little bit of everything got me to this point. Everybody played a major key.  I try to keep my team grounded.  People talk about the money.  That plays a major key.  My place in history plays a major key.  Performing well plays a major key.  Everything plays a major, major key.


I just try to keep my team grounded and try to keep them focused and just try to teach them every day how to go out there and fish for themselves.  That’s the only thing I try to teach my team.  I tell them to stay positive, and what I’ve heard was keep a positive environment around myself, which keeps me comfortable and happy.



Are you excited at any point of this fight?  I know you say you treat this like a job, but are you excited to finally get in the ring and have this fight happen?


F. Mayweather         

It’s just like I said before.  I’m not really going crazy.  It’s just a fight to me.  I know it’s the biggest fight in boxing history, but I can’t approach it like that because I’m not going to put any unnecessary pressure on myself.


He’s a fighter that’s extremely talented, he’s a very good fighter also, and my thing is just to be Floyd Mayweather.  People actually don’t know, how is this fight going to be fought?  I can’t say.  Like I said before, I’m not a psychic.  I cannot predict the future.  But I will be at my best May 2nd.



Listen, if you believe Bob Arum, this fight might not happen.  That there’s issues with tickets, there’s the contract has not been signed, whatever.  Do you know anything about that?


F. Mayweather         

When it comes to the business side, that’s for Leonard Ellerbe.  I don’t try to worry about tickets; I try to worry about the guy that’s in front of in me, which is going to be Manny Pacquiao.  That’s my whole focus.  Tickets are something I don’t really deal with.



Have you trained harder for any previous fight than you have for this one, and would that be down to your respect for Manny or the fact that you need to work a bit harder the older you get?


F. Mayweather         

When you’re trying to perform, when you’re at this level, you always want to perform extremely well.  You don’t want to overtrain.  You want to train to where you know you’re completely ready.  Go out there and be at just 100 percent.  As far as this training camp, I’ve trained extremely hard.  I believe that we’ll just see how everything plays out.



I’m hearing reports, Floyd, that you’re looking stronger and fitter than ever.


F. Mayweather         

Well, some people say that, you might not believe that depending on who is telling you. Hopefully.  Hopefully I am.  We’ll just have to see.  That’s why I’m at this level, at the pinnacle of my career, because I’ve been pushing myself for so long and working so hard.



Can I just ask you about Amir Khan?  Is he still in your plans?


F. Mayweather

My focus right now is the guy that’s in front of me.  My last fight is in September.  I never want to overlook anyone.  I believe you take it one fighter at a time.  As of right now, Manny Pacquaio is the guy that’s in front of me, and that’s my focus.



My question is regarding, Manny Pacquiao has said he thinks it’s Floyd’s time to lose.  He’s almost implying that it’s maybe, God is on his side.  I was wondering how you think, if God actually does care who wins prizefights?


F. Mayweather         

I actually believe God loves us all.  The people that are on this call, every writer, every fighter, every athlete that goes out there and competes.  God loves us all.  Once again, I’m a fighter.  What I do, I’m a professional prizefighter.  I believe in God and I love God. I don’t think God takes sides.



Lot of stuff gets reported in the fourth or the sixth weeks leading up to this.  We don’t always get a chance to ask you yourself, so I want to give you the opportunity.  Is there anything that was reported that you want to clear up that you want to actually say no, that isn’t true, you guys got it wrong?


F. Mayweather         

No, nothing at all.  Because once my career is over, that’s when I’m going to read everything, anyway, all the articles that people have written.  When I come home, I leave boxing at the boxing gym.  When I go to the gym or when I go to train, I work.  I dedicate myself to my craft.


When I come home and I’m not on the computer, I’m not looking at myself.  I’m not buying magazine covers with me on the cover.  I’m not on the computer looking up articles.  I could care less about all that.  My job is to go out there and perform and be at my best, and be the best that I can be in the sport of boxing.



My question for you is, in your opinion, what would a victory against Pacquiao do for your legacy?  And then how much would it enhance your legacy.


F. Mayweather         

It’s just another fight. I just look at the situation.  He’s another guy that I faced.  You’re just going to say in history, that these two faced each other at one particular time.  It was hard to make the fight happen, eventually they made the fight happen, and we faced each other.



Do you believe, though, that a victory would in some way enhance your legacy?


F. Mayweather         

I’m not sure, because I’m not the one that’s putting myself in the history books.



Do you think it’s true that the winner of the fight will be declared, in essence, by the public, as the king of this era?


F. Mayweather         

I can’t really say.  I don’t really know.  Just look at Ali’s career.  When he fought, he looked like the best when he fought.  I think he lost seven fights.  When I got older I noticed that he lost seven fights and lost some other fight that he lost.  He still was known as the greatest. Because that’s what he put out there.  So, that’s what it is.



The wonderment on a lot of people’s minds is when the career is over, will you have enough money for the rest of your life?  Do you ever worry about losing at all?


F. Mayweather         

I’m blessed. I made some good investments to where if I wanted to retire today, I could.



That means there’s no fear of bankruptcy whatsoever in terms of the gambling and the other involvements that you’ve spent?


F. Mayweather         

I made some good investments, and if I wanted to retire today, I could.



My question is, you said at the press conference that you though that Pacquiao was surprised at how much bigger you were than him.  Can you talk a little bit about that, and then also some of the strategic aspects of being the bigger fighter in the ring on May 2?


F. Mayweather         

Normally when I face an opponent, they normally outweighed me by 17 to 20 pounds on fight nights.  This has been going on for a good while now.  You can read a guy’s body language.  When Pacquiao first saw me in Miami, he didn’t expect to see me over there at the basketball game. He looked shocked, like, ‘Damn, he is taller than me.  He’s bigger than what I thought he was.’ Just being in the sport for so long, you’re able to read body language; you’re able to read a fighter’s eyes.



Do you feel that some of the trash talking is Freddie Roach being nervous about the fight and trying to get a psychological edge on you?


F. Mayweather         

I’m not fighting Freddie Roach, so I’m not worried about that at all.  Freddie Roach, he’s Pacquiao’s trainer and he’s going to do what he has to do for his fighter to win.  If that’s trying to get an edge, then that’s what he should do.



All of your other fights, you’ve always been a very vocal, always been a vocal fighter.  Why the silence this time?


F. Mayweather         

This is exactly what I’ve said.  Even in my interviews, I’ve said we had to bring a game plan.  Even from day one when I was with Bob Arum, I said I wanted to work extremely hard to get to a certain point in my career, which is to get to a point to be the first fighter to ever make nine figures in one night.


It took a game plan to me going out there on my own.  It’s just me speaking out with a very, very loud voice.  Having a lot of personality.  But as you get older, you mature.  After trash talking for 17, 18 years, and constantly saying, look what I’ve done.  Look at me.  Look at me.  You know what I’m saying?  I’m the best.  Look at me.  And everybody they’ve put in front of me I’ve beaten.


I’m at a point where you just say, you know what?  It is what it is.  I know what I can do.  I know what I bring to the table.  God has truly blessed me to be in this situation.  I have a good team.  My children are healthy, so I don’t have to do all that.


It’s more like I did all that loud talking and everything to get to a certain point.  I’ve still got a lot of personality, I did what I had to do to get to a certain point in my career, and that’s what I did.  It was a brilliant game plan.



From your personal point of view, how has this fight and this promotion been different from the many other big events that you’ve been a part of?


F. Mayweather         

It’s actually been kind of the same.  It’s just a little bit over the top, but I just try to stay relaxed.  That’s my main thing.  It’s a very, very huge event.  I can remember every day.


Sometimes I think about when Mike Tyson got out of prison and he was boxing, and when he was fighting at the MGM Grand.  I would go to the MGM Grand, because I wasn’t a professional at that particular time.  Just starting.  I would go to the MGM Grand and some people would know me so I would take pictures and just sign a few autographs.  I was like, man, MGM Grand would never be this packed again.  That’s what I thought.  I was only 19 years old at that particular time.  That was in ’96.  I kept believing though. I always believed that I could do record-breaking numbers.  I just needed the right team with me and it took a little bit of everything.  The right fights, the right team, and we made it happen.



Beyond all the trash talk and salesmanship, you’ve always been a guy that, when it comes down to it, is very respectful of his opponents.  I think it’s part of your secret.  Is there anything that you admire about Manny Pacquiao, either the fighter or the person?


F. Mayweather         

Well, he’s got to this point by doing something right.  It’s obvious he’s done something right to get to this point.  I have to respect that.



The Filipino fans are expecting or hoping for a very aggressive Manny in the ring.  Is this something that you’re training for, or are you just going in the ring to fight your fight, make the adjustments along the way as you have so successfully throughout your career?


F. Mayweather         

If you’re basically asking what’s my game plan, my game plan is to win.  That’s actually what my game plan has always been is to win.



A lot of the animosity from the Filipino fans towards you is not directed to you as a great boxer, but more as someone who can put an end towards a Filipino hero’s career. Do you honestly believe that you would put an end to a Filipino hero’s career?


F. Mayweather         

Well, my thing is this.  I’ve heard that we’re all God’s children, whether you’re American, Filipino, African, Dominican, Asian, we’re all God’s children.  People are going to root for who they want to root for and simple and plain I’m pretty sure I’ve got Filipino fans that like me, and I’m pretty sure that you’ve got some black American fans that like Pacquiao.


I never try to focus on anything like that.  My focus is to give the people what they really want to see.  Just facing the facts.  That’s what I’ve done throughout my career.  He’s one of the last guys, he’s one of the last good fighters of this era.  It’s a fight that has to happen, and I’m glad that the fight is happening.



How much strength and effort and support from family does it take to get you where you are right now?


F. Mayweather         

Well, the support came a lot.  I had a hell of a supporting cast to get to this point, before I became a professional.  There’s this guy that I never talk about to anyone.  I never say anything about him to anyone.  And he’s doing extremely badly right now, not financially but health-wise.  I believe he’s lost his memory, which hurts extremely bad.  A guy by the name of Frank Brown, I’ve known him since I was the age of three.


He has supported me more than anyone.  He has always said that, “Floyd, one day you will be the best fighter in the world.”  He’s always taking me to church, taking me through different activities.  He was like a grandfather to me.  Frank Brown.  When I used to fight, he would drive anywhere.  It could be in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He would drive from Grand Rapids, Michigan to come support me.  He would sit in the room with me and say prayers with me.


He’s a guy that I would never forget, because he was there from the age of three until after I fought De La Hoya, because he’s up there in age now.  He eventually lost his memory, so he’s at a home.  He’s at an old folks’ home.  It really hurts, but I love that guy so much.  I think about him all the time.


K. Swanson  

Okay, that’s our last question.  Thank you, everybody, for joining us.  Floyd, any final comments?


F. Mayweather         

I just want to tell everybody, thank you for all the stories, and all the articles you guys wrote.  Thank you so much.  My team appreciates you all, as well as myself.  Thank you.


*          *          *


Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is a 12-round welterweight world championship unification bout promoted by Mayweather Promotions and Top Rank Inc., and is sponsored by Tecate con caracter, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions -Terminator Genisys, in theaters July 1st, Paramount Pictures & Skydance Productions present MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION, in theaters & IMAX July 31st, The Weinstein Company and the new movie Southpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, in theaters everywhere July 24 and Mexico, Live it to Believe it. The pay-per-view telecast will be co-produced and co-distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View® and SHOWTIME PPV® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

Ozgul-Scriven II – Title On The Line For May 2nd York Hall Rematch

Back in October last year unbeaten Hackney based Turk Siar Ozgul and late replacement opponent Matt Scriven campaigned in one of the closest, all action, battles of the year.


It was a true small hall classic that really deserved at least to be nominated for the accolade of ‘Fight of The Year’, if not be the outright winner, however that was not to be as somehow it managed to slip under the radar of the majority of the British media.


On Saturday May 2nd, these magnificent warriors will once again enter the arena, at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, this time in a ten round contest and with the added incentive of a Championship being on the line – the vacant MBC International Welterweight title – on the Mark Lyons and Billy James-Elliott promoted LORDS OF THE RING event.


The October Ozgul-Scriven Battle Boyale was reminiscent of the first of the Mickey Ward-Arturo Gatti trilogy of fights that took place in 2002/3, without doubt one of the all time greatest trilogy of fights this sport has ever witnessed.


If Ozgul-Scriven II matches the intensity and drama of their first encounter, we could well have another action filled bout, one that equals any of the Ward-Gatti fights, right here in our own back yard, something no boxing fan, or British sports writer should miss.


To give an idea of just how sensational their first showdown was, here’s the write up on the bout from the published report by the Canadian Sports Channel


“Fifth bout of the night see London based Turk Siar Ozgul in action against Nottingham’s Matt Scriven.


What a fight, without doubt the fight of the night, as both protagonists went to war.


Ozgul came out hard and strong, initially putting the Nottingham man on the back foot, however Scriven soon started to exert his authority and then the fireworks really began.


By the third round the non stop action started to take it’s toll on the Turkish youngster, which allowed Scriven to land some sensational power shots of his own.


The final round was a cracker, Ozgul backed Scriven into a corner and let rip with massive right hands, one of which sent Scriven’s mouth guard flying into the crowd ringside.


Once the errant mouth guard was retrieved and the bout restarted it was Scriven who went hard on the attack, one such attack late on in the round see Scriven land a massive right that shook Ozgul to the core, Ozgul sensibly went on the defensive for the remaining seconds to see his way to securing his fifth win.


Referee Lee Murtagh scored the bout 39-37 in favour of Ozgul, the correct verdict without doubt, but one that really doesn’t express how great this fight was or how close each and every round was.”


Siar Ozgul versus Matt Scriven, for the vacant MBC International Welterweight Championship, headlines the Mark Lyons & Billy James-Elliott Wise Guys Promotions LORDS OF THE RING event, that takes place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 2nd May 2015.

Sanctioning for this event will be provided courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC) –

Tickets priced £35 (Standard seating) and £65 (Ringside) are available direct from Siar at the Champions TKO Gym in Hackney – call Mehmet on 07825 618018 – on-line or call the TKO ticket line on 07960 850645

MBC & PBA Ink Deal – British Masters Title Fights For MBC UK Events

It was announced earlier today that Malta Boxing Commission (MBC) and the Professional Boxing Association (PBA) have inked a deal, that will not only mean that the hugely popular British Masters Championship, but also the  as well as the all new European Masters Championship, that is being created specifically for the MBC, can now be campaigned for on MBC sanctioned events in the United Kingdom for the first time.


For the past sixteen years or so, both the British and International Masters Championships have only been available on British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) sanctioned events in the UK, however with the MBC’s rapid growth in the United Kingdom, projected to be sanctioning in excess of forty events in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2015, it became clear to PBA Chairman Mr Bruce Baker that there was potential for further growth for the Championships if they were also available on MBC sanctioned events.


Over the past sixteen years or so there have been close to six hundred Masters title fights that have taken place in the UK, many of the Masters Champions have then gone on to campaign for major accolades on the domestic, international and even the World stage.


The most famous of these Masters Champions is no less than former two division WBO World Champion Ricky Burns, who after winning the International Masters Super Featherweight title against Romania’s Gheorghe Ghiompirica in May 2008, was catapulted onto the International stage, where in his very next bout the Scotsman successfully challenged American based Ghanaian Osumanu Akaba for the vacant Commonwealth title.


Burn’s successfully defended the Commonwealth crown three times before moving onto the World scene, where he then successfully challenged then WBO World Super Featherweight Champion Roman Martinez from Puerto Rico.


Once more Burn’s successfully defended his WBO World Super Featherweight crown three times before moving up a division and beating Australia’s Michael Katsidis for the interim WBO World Lightweight title in November 2011.


On his very next fight Burn’s secured the full WBO World Lightweight title, beating Namibia’s Paulus Moses at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow in March 2012.


Burn’s successfully defended his second World title four times before succumbing to the skills of Omaha, USA’s Terence Crawford in March 2014.


With such an illustrious Championship career blossoming from Burns’ first tilt at a title, there can be no doubt of the importance of the Masters titles on the domestic scene, something that now can also benefit the boxers, both British and those from overseas that box on the UK events sanctioned by the MBC.


The inaugural Masters Championship, that will take place on an MBC sanctioned event in the UK, sees Czech Republic’s Nikolas Botos challenge Bradford’s Tasif Khan for the International Masters Bantamweight title on the Mark Lyons and Billy James-Elliott promoted event which takes place at York Hall in London on Saturday May 2nd.


Tickets priced £35 (Standard seating) and £65 (Ringside) are available direct from any of the boxers taking part, on-line at or call the TKO ticket line on 07960 850645

Sanctioning for this event will be provided courtesy of the Malta Boxing Commission (MBC) – For further information on the Malta Boxing Commission please go to:


Twitter @MaltaBoxingComm






LAS VEGAS, NV (April 22, 2015) – After trekking a remarkable 500 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona, 50-year heavyweight contender (WBC #17), Bronco Billy Wright (47-4, 38 KOs), has a message to send to the boxing community and the heavyweight division.


“I did this 500 mile “Trek for Cures”, Run, Walk and Ride to help raise money for charities that are close to my heart,” said Bronco Billy Wright. “In addition I wanted to send a message to the heavyweight division, letting everyone rated in the WBC top 15 know that I’m a serious athlete coming for their rankings. My next fight will be announced shortly, and my goal is to take out everyone in my path.  I don’t think there is a heavyweight out there that can handle my power.  I humbly want to thank the WBC Cares and everyone who supported me during this journey.


The trek ended at the Central Boxing Club in downtown Phoenix, where Bronco Billy was greeted by its members, which included undefeated super-lightweight Jose Benavidez Jr. (22-0, 15 KOs) among others.


“The fighters and coaches at the Central Boxing Club were gracious enough to let me end my trek at their gym and it was fantastic.” Bronco Billy Wright continued. “There were some local TV cameras there to talk about my story.  It was a great success and I’m ready to begin my march toward the heavyweight championship of the world.”


Billy currently holds the WBC LATIN AMERICAN, FECARBOX , and United States (USNBC) Silver titles.  Right now Bronco Billy is riding a 18-fight knockout streak, 14 of which came by first round KO.  With a few more first round knockouts he’ll break Shannon Briggs world record.  Look for Bronco Billy to make his return to the ring this summer.


Click HERE For Photos

Photo Credit: Lucas Noonan/Premier Boxing Champions


CHICAGO (April 22, 2015) – Fight week officially kicked-off Wednesday in Chicago as fighters on the Premier Boxing Champions on Spike fight card participated in the final press conference before entering the ring on Friday, April 24 at UIC Pavilion.


The night of fights features Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell (27-0-1, 22 KOs) battling Badou Jack “The Ripper” (18-1, 12 KOs) and Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (28-1, 25 KOs) taking on Caleb “Golden” Truax (25-1-2, 15 KOs). The televised action on Spike begins at 9 ET/8 CT.


Tickets for the live event, which is co-promoted by Warriors Boxing and Mayweather Promotions, are priced at $151, $101, $51, and $31, not including applicable service charges, and are on sale now. To charge by phone with a major credit card, call Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000 or UIC Pavilion Box Office at (312) 413-5740. Tickets are also available at or by visiting the UIC Pavilion Box Office (Thursday or Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.).


Here are what the press conference participants had to say:




“I’m a better fighter now because I’m working harder. You have to work harder to stay at this level. Now everybody is gunning for you because you have what they want.


“I’m glad that because of this platform, everybody knows what I’ve been through now. People can see that anything is possible. Going through something like defeating cancer has helped me achieve my dreams.


“Badou Jack is a good fighter, but he hasn’t fought a guy like me.


On Friday night I just have to hope that Jack doesn’t run. I want him to stand in there with me and we’ll see who’s better. I’m going to test his chin like nobody else has.”




“I had the best training camp I’ve ever had and I’m ready to bring the title back to Las Vegas.


“I don’t do the social media trash talking, I save it for the ring and on Friday I’m going to show the world why I deserve to be world champion.


“I respect Anthony Dirrell for winning the fight against cancer. I lost two of my amateur trainers to that disease and I’ll be dedicating this fight to them.


“His team likes to bark and talk a lot of trash but they can’t fight for him. Come Friday night it’s just going to be the two of us in the ring.


“I don’t bark, I don’t talk trash, I let my fists do the talking.


“Opportunities like this don’t always come around and I will make sure I don’t let this one slip away.”




“Fighting here in Chicago serves as extra motivation for me. I’ve always been the guy fans favored at Barclays Center, and I may have gotten a little spoiled. So I’m excited to be the guy that people want to see lose. Truax will probably have a larger crowd supporting him, and those fans will motivate me to be stronger and fight better on Friday.


“People love a great story. I’m extremely proud of my story and for having beat cancer, but let’s not forget about my skill set.


“Truax can say he’s tired of hearing about ‘The Miracle Man’ all he wants, but he shouldn’t be thinking about my cancer when we get in the ring. He should just fear me. I’m going to be a cancer to him once we start fighting.


“I’m not saying I’m going to knock him out. I’m just saying I’m going to win because that’s what I came to do. I’ll take a win however I can get it.”




“This is a huge fight and a huge opportunity for me. It’s a career-changer and life-changer for my career in boxing. I’ve got to be smart in this fight.


“I couldn’t be in any better shape right now. Physically I’m mature at 31-years-old. This is the right spot for me and a great opportunity.


“I want to thank all of my fans and you should expect to see a lot of people from Minnesota coming down to see me. It’s going to be great to celebrate with all of them.”


#          #          #


For more information visit,, follow on Twitter @PremierBoxing, @AnthonyDirrell, @BadouJack, @DanielJacobsTKO, @GoldenCalebT, @WarriorsBoxProm, @MayweatherPromo and @SpikeTV and become a fan on Facebook at,,

Omar Douglas to take on Jose Angel Beranza this Saturday night at Harrahs Philadelphia 

Plus undefeated Kyrone Davis, Angel Ocasio, Christopher Brooker, Earl Newman, Stephan Shaw, Adam Kownacki, Stephen Fulton, Jovontae Starks and Raynell Williams
Chester, PA (April 22, 2015)–This  Saturday night, April 25, boxing returns to Harrahs Philadelphia with a terrific card promoted by King’s Promotions and XFE.


In the main event, undefeated lightweight Omar Douglas will see action in an six-round bout when he takes on 70-fight veteran Jose Angel Beranza (36-32-2, 28 KO’s) of Tepito, Mexico.


Douglas of Wilmington, Delaware has a record of 13-0 with ten knockouts.  He turned pro on May 27, 2011 with a 3rd round disqualification victory over Eric Hall.


Douglas won the NABA USA Super Featherweight title with a 2nd round stoppage over Jean Javier Soto.  Douglas also has a quality win with a 8-round unanimous decision over Jesse Carradine (8-2-2).  In his last bout, Douglas scored an explosive first round stoppage over Osnel Charles on December 5, 2014 at Harrahs Philadelphia.


“Training camp has been great.  I started preparing for this fight as soon as the last fight was over.  I have been sparring with the best fighters in the area.  When I started my camp, I was only seven pounds over the contract weight,”said Douglas.


Douglas knows very little about Ortiz.

“I really only know that he is from Mexico and he has a pretty decent record.”

This will be the first time that Douglas headlines in his home region and he not about to have any of the distractions to go with that.

“I take it in stride.  I consider it just another day at the office.  The only difference is that I am closing the show.”

This being his 14th pro fight, Douglas is now rounding into a situation where he knows what he has to do to continue to get better.

“I have been very responsible with my defense.  I always knew I had a pro style.  It was my late trainer Lewis Lum who told me I was better suited to become a professional world champion than an Olympic gold medal winner.”

Douglas sees himself continuing to grow and fighting on more high profile platforms as the year progresses.

“I see myself on bigger cards.  I am with Al Haymon so to fight on a PBC card is a goal for the year.  By the end of the year, I should be considered a hot prospect and I should get in three or four more fights that should put my name out more.”


Douglas finished by saying, “On April 25, expect a show.  I will be smart and put everything together.  I train for every opponent like they are the best.  Once it all comes together it will be lights out!!”


In a six-round co-feature, Kyrone Davis (6-0, 3 KO’s) of Wilmington, DE will fight Carlos Garcia (7-13-1, 7 KO’s) of Aguada, PR in a super middleweight bout.


In an eight-round bout, Javonte Starks (11-0, 7 KO’s) of Minneapolis, MN. will takeJeremiah Wiggins (10-3-1, 5 KO’s) of Newport News, VA in a welterweight bout..


Also in six-round bouts:


Angel Ocasio (7-0, 2 KO’s) of Philadelphia will take on Justin Johnson (6-7-4) of Pittsburgh, PA in a Jr. welterweight bout.


Adam Kownacki (8-0, 8 KO’s) of Brooklyn, NY will try to keep his perfect knockout streak going when he fights Randy Easton (3-6-1, 3 KO’s) of Sunbury, PA in a heavyweight bout.


Stephen Fulton (4-0, 1 KO) of Philadelphia will fight Jamal Parram (7-10-1, 5 KO’s) of St. Louis, MO in a featherweight bout.


Former U.S. Olympian, Raynell Williams (6-0, 3 KO’s) of Cleveland, OH will square off with Jose Del Valle (4-10-3) of Corozal, PR in a lightweight bout.


In four-round bouts:


Christpher Brooker (1-0, 1 KO) of Philadelphia, PA take on Maurice Amaro (2-8, 1 KO) of Philadelphia, PA in a super middleweight bout.


Stephan Shaw (3-0, 3 KO’s) of St. Louis, MO will battle Zachary Bunce  (2-1, 1 KO) of Las Vegas, NV in a heavyweight bout.


Earl Newman (4-0, 3 KO’s) of Brooklyn, NY will fight Julio Garcia  (6-8-3, 3 KO’s) of Rincon, PR in a light heavyweight bout.

Tickets for this great night of boxing cost $100, $75 and $50 and can be purchased by calling 610-587-5950 or


Store To Feature Unique Interactive Fan Experience, Official Gear and Merchandise, Art Gallery From Official Fight Artists, Plus Celebrity Appearances


LAS VEGAS (April 22, 2015) – With the historic Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao match up just over a week away, fans will have a unique opportunity to engage in the pre-fight excitement at the official “MayPac” pop-up shop opening this Friday, April 24 at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Fremont St.


The 1,700 square foot space will offer a one-of-a-kind fan experience featuring an interactive game, official merchandise and VIP meet and greets. The pop-up shop will remain open to fans through fight night onSaturday, May 2.


The fight simulation experience will give fans the opportunity to step into the ring as either Mayweather or Pacquiao and take on the other as an opponent. Custom designed to resemble Mayweather and Pacquiao’s own training rings, each game is equipped with a high-impact punching sensor and a video screen over 10 feet tall, delivering an immersive experience like no other.


Onscreen elements direct the user through punch combinations that allow them to take down their opponent blow-by-bow, culminating in a final knockout punch – that is, if you don’t get knocked out first!


For each use that succeeds in delivering a knockout punch, the crowning moment will be captured with a 360-degree camera. All winners will go home with a looping image of their knockout punch.


Fans will also have the opportunity to purchase official fight gear, merchandise and art commemorating the historic matchup in addition to attending celebrity meet and greets.


More information including shop hours and celebrity appearances is available at



*          *          *

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is a 12-round welterweight world championship unification bout promoted by Mayweather Promotions and Top Rank Inc., and is sponsored by Tecate. The pay-per-view telecast will be co-produced and co-distributed by SHOWTIME PPV® and HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT.


For more information visit, and and follow on Twitter at @floydmayweather, @MannyPacquiao @mayweatherpromo, @TRBoxing, @SHOSports, @HBOboxing and @Swanson_Comm, and become a fan on Facebook

Raging Babe Soiree benefiting the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame on April 29 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas (April 22, 2015) – The Raging Babe Soiree: Reaching New Heights presented by RAGING BABE will take place on April 29, 2015, just three days before the fight of the century, Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Over 100 of boxing’s most prestigious and influential women have been invited to attend this exclusive event. The Raging Babe Soiree will be held at Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar, located in The Linq Promenade in Las Vegas. After dinner, the women of boxing will take in the best views of Las Vegas aboard the world’s tallest observation wheel, the High Roller which features 28 spherical passenger cabins which can accommodate up to 40 passengers each, and is illuminated with dynamic multicolored LED lights nightly. Concluding the night with custom cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes.

“I’m amazed at how far this event has come,” said Michelle Rosado, CEO of Raging Babe. “There were only about 30 invitees at our first event in 2013 and now, two years later, we have over 100 invitees and this is our ‘night out’ to celebrate our accomplishments. Each event we strive to continue developing a strong network and camaraderie amongst these amazing women in professional boxing. It is something that cannot be duplicated.”

The event’s honoree is Michelle Corrales-Lewis, COO of the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame and widow of champion boxer, Diego “Chico” Corrales.

Hosting will be Jackie Kallen, “The First Lady of Boxing” and Boxing Insider correspondent. “I am thrilled to once again be joining forces with Michelle Rosado to host the premier female boxing event of the fight weekend. It’s a pleasure to do something to benefit the NVBHOF and give the women in a boxing an event of their own,” stated Kallen.

In addition to honoring Michelle Corrales-Lewis, Raging Babe will donate a percentage of all financial contributions from event sponsors to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame organization. The NVBHOF is a nonprofit organization that prides itself in honoring the sport of boxing and celebrating to accomplishments of those within it. NVBHOF also supports several community programs, amateur boxing clubs, collegiate boxing programs and several boxing related causes. To learn more, please visit

Sponsoring this wonderful event is the World Boxing Council (, Champs Boxing & Fitness Club (, 3-Point Tequila, DJ Nina9 (, Sprinkles Cupcakes (, Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar (, and Ramblin Ralph.

Aside from ring announcing, RAMBLIN RALPH’S main goal is to protect boxing superstars and prospects alike, along with their families, outside of the ring. RAMBLIN RALPH has aligned himself with sports biggest agencies to offer programs for boxers such as 401k, pension, and life insurance. He also brokers deals providing branding, licensing and promotional opportunities with the biggest companies in the world. The goal of RAMBLIN RALPH is to shorten the time of a boxer in the ring, and increase their portfolio outside the ring. You can contact RAMBLIN RALPH for more information at 602-695-5798 or by email at

For more information and/or to become a sponsor of the Raging Babe Soiree – Reaching New Heights, contact Michelle Rosado at

Limited tickets still available for this Sunday’s 4th annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Induction dinner at Russo’s On The Bay, Howard Beach, NY



NEW YORK (Apr. 22, 2015) – Limited tickets are still available for this Sunday afternoon’s (April 26, 12:305:30 p.m. ET) fourth annual New York State Boxing Hall of Fame (NYSBHOF) induction dinner, sponsored by Ring 8, at Russo’s On The Bay in Howard Beach, New York.



NYSBHOF Class of 2015




WBC junior welterweight champion & Vietnam Veteran Saoul Mamby      Bronx/Brooklyn

WBA junior middleweight title challenger Joey Giambra                          Buffalo

1961 National Golden Gloves champion Johnny Persol                           Brooklyn

Two-time world welterweight title challenger Harold Weston                     New York City

WBO middleweight champion Lonnie Bradley                                       Harlem


World light heavyweight champion Paul Berlenbach                              Astoria

“Uncrowned” world welterweight champion Billy Graham                        Manhattan’s Eastside

2-Time World flyweight champion Frankie Genaro                                 New York City

World middleweight & welterweight champion Tommy Ryan                   Redwood/Syracuse

World light heavyweight champion Jimmy Slattery                                Buffalo




NYSBHOF & Ring 8 president Bob Duffy                                         Manhattan/Massapequa Park

Journalist Mike Katz                                                                            Bronx

Trainer Tommy Gallagher                                                                   Howard Beach

Promoter/cutman Bob Miller                                                                Albany

Gleason’s Gym owner Bruce Silverglade                                             Brooklyn


Trainer Charley Goldman                                                                    Brooklyn

MSG matchmaker Harry Markson                                                        Kingston

Promoter Cedric Kushner                                                                    Manhattan

MSG matchmaker Jimmy Johnson                                                      New York City

Journalist Damon Runyon                                                                   Manhattan

Manager/matchmaker Al Weill                                                             New York City



Renown ring announcer David Diamante will once again serve as the event’s Master of Ceremonies.


The 2015 inductees were selected by the NYSBHOF nominating committee members: Jack Hirsch, Steve Farhood, Bobby Cassidy, Jr., Don Majeski, Henry Hascup, Ron McNair and Neil Terens.


Each inductee will receive a custom-designed belt signifying his induction into the NYSBHOF. All NYSBHOF plaques are on display at the New York State Athletic Commission.


All boxers needed to be inactive for at least three years, in order to be eligible for NYSBHOF induction, and all inductees must have resided in New York State for a significant portion of their boxing careers.


During the NYSBHOF ceremonies, the World Boxing Council (WBC) and Ring 8 will honor the late Joe Dwyer and Tony Mazzarella, both longtime Ring 8 members who passed away earlier this year. WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman will make a special presentation to Dwyer’s family. Ring 8 will make presentations to the Dwyer and Mazzarella families. Dwyer was president of the North American Boxing Federation (NABF). Mazzarella, who served many years as Ring 8’s treasurer, was a major influence in the founding of the NYSBHOF.



CLASS of 2012: Carmen Basilio, Mike McCallum, Mike Tyson, Jake LaMotta, Riddick Bowe, Carlos Ortiz, Vito Antuofermo, Emile Griffith, “Sugar” Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney, Benny Leonard, Tony Canzoneri, Harold Lederman, Steve Acunto, Jimmy Glenn, Gil Clancy, Ray Arcel, Nat Fleischer, Bill Gallo and Arthur Mercante, Sr.


CLASS of 2013: Jack Dempsey, Johnny Dundee, Sandy Saddler, Maxie Rosenbloom, Joey Archer, Iran Barkley, Mark Breland, Bobby Cassidy, Doug Jones, Junior Jones, James “Buddy” McGirt, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Bob Arum, Shelly Finkel, Tony Graziano, Larry Merchant, Teddy Brenner, Mike Jacobs, Tex Rickard and Don Dunphy.


CLASS OF 2014: Floyd Patterson, Tracy Harris Patterson, Billy Backus, Kevin Kelley, Juan LaPorte, Gerry Cooney, Mustafa Hamsho, Howard Davis, Jr., Lou Ambers, Jack Britton, Terry McGovern, Teddy Atlas, Lou DiBella, Steve Farhood, Gene Moore, Angelo Prospero, Whitey Bimstein, Cus D’Amato, William Muldoon and Tom O’Rourke.



Limited tickets are still available and priced at $125.00 per adult and $50.00 for children (under 16), which includes a complete brunch and cocktail hour upon entry, starting at 12:30 PM/ET, as well as dinner (prime rib, fish or poultry) and open bar throughout the day. Tickets are available to purchase by calling NYSBHOF/Ring 8 president Bob Duffy at 516.313.2304.


Go on line at for additional information about the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame.


ABOUT RING 8: Formed in 1954 by an ex-prizefighter, Jack Grebelsky, Ring 8 became the eighth subsidiary of what was then known as the National Veteran Boxers Association – hence, RING 8 – and today the organization’s motto still remains: Boxers Helping Boxers.


RING 8 is fully committed to supporting less fortunate people in the boxing community who may require assistance in terms of paying rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need.


Go on line to for more information about RING 8, the largest group of its kind in the United States with more than 350 members. Annual membership dues is only $30.00 and each member is entitled to a buffet dinner at RING 8 monthly meetings, excluding July and August. All active boxers, amateur and professional, are entitled to a complimentary RING 8 yearly membership. Guests of Ring 8 members are welcome at a cost of only $7.00 per person.

Once again, Provodnikov a hit with television viewers

Philadelphia, PA (April 22, 2015)–For his fourth consecutive fight on HBO, “The Siberian Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov garnered over 1 million viewers. Ruslan’s fight with Lucas Matthysse averaged 1.243 million viewers and peaked at an outstanding 1.380 million viewers for the clash, which is now a leading candidate for 2015 Fight of the Year.

The bout comes on the heels of Provodnikov’s three previous appearances on the network, where he drew 1.2 million (peaked at 1.4 million) for his 2013 Fight of The Year with Timothy Bradley; his WBO title winning effort against Mike Alvarado that drew 1.232 Million viewers; and his controversial split decision loss to Chris Algieri which drew 1.046 million and peaked 1.1 million viewers.

“Ruslan again showed he is a huge attraction,” said Banner Promotions President Artie Pelullo. “He is without a doubt the most entertaining fighter in boxing today, and it is proven by the ratings for every one of his fights.”

Banner Promotions, Inc.
2501 Wharton Street, Suite L
Philadelphia, PA 19146