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LOS ANGELES – (March 13, 2015) – Befitting the unprecedented nature of this mega-fight, a bout that is expected to be the richest in boxing history, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were given the royal treatment Wednesday at a gala press conference at Nokia Theatre at LA Live.


A glitzy, Hollywoodstyle red carpet-comparable to that of Hollywood’s biggest award shows-was rolled out to welcome the fighters and afford access to more than 700 credentialed media members from around the world.  Among the formidable press core were dozens of television and radio crews and literally hundreds of newspaper columnists, boxing writers, and news, entertainment and sports reporters.  Even the Goodyear Blimp flew above to mark the occasion as the top-two fighters of this generation, Mayweather and Pacquiao, went face-to-face for the first time prior to their epic welterweight world championship unification bout Saturday, May 2, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


Promoted by Mayweather Promotions and Top Rank Inc., the pay-per-view telecast will be co-produced and co-distributed by SHOWTIME PPV® and HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/ 6:00 p.m. PT.


Here are what participants from Wednesday’s press conference had to say:


Floyd Mayweather

“This fight could’ve happened a long time ago, but it’s the right time now. It’s an unbelievable matchup and I know the fans can’t wait for this. The timing is right and the timing is now.


“We finally made it happen. Everything is about timing.


“There was no resentment towards (former promoter) Bob Arum, I was just happy to become my own boss after years of working hard and dedicating myself to boxing and also learning the business side of it. With time, I eventually had to become my own boss. There are no hard feelings towards Bob Arum at all.


“It’s always good to see the best fight the best, that’s what’s so intriguing about this matchup.

“I think that us meeting after the Miami Heat basketball game, meeting one-on-one, I feel that that is the reason why this fight happened.


“It really came down to my team and his team sitting down and communicating, getting on the same page basically.


“There is no sense of relief that the fight is made. My focus is just on living my daily life and focusing on what I have to do. I can’t live my life for anyone else.


“We have faced all the top guys in this sport and have beaten all the top guys. After this fight, which I believe I will be victorious, then we will move on to another guy.


May 2 we have a tough task ahead of me. Manny Pacquaio is a good fighter, but last time I checked I faced eight southpaws and won eight times, so I am not worried.


“You best believe that I will be in top shape and be the best Floyd Mayweather I can possibly be.


“It’s always great to get back to the great city of Las Vegas. Lights, camera, action. The MGM Grand is the best hotel on earth. It was always my goal to be fighting there. The first time I went there for a fight was when I was 17, I saw James Toney and Roy Jones.


“I have had an unbelievable career. It all started with my father. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today. When you put all the pieces to the puzzle together, I just feel like I’m the center piece. Every day when I think about my career I don’t regret anything. We will go down in history as some of the best fighters, the fighting Mayweathers.


“I hope the fight meets the hype. All we can do as fighters is go out there and perform and do what we do best.


“I have nothing to prove on May 2. I know about my skills, I know what I can do and I know what I bring to the sport of boxing. I am truly blessed to have broken all the records in boxing. Right now I don’t see any particular fighter breaking any of my records.


“I think that styles make fights, and I think that our two different styles make for an exciting fight.


“Any fighter is dangerous. When I face different opponents, I can figure a guy out instantly. I know what he does well and what he doesn’t do well. My job is to find out what he does do well.


“If a fighter lost before, losing is in the back of his mind. For me, all I’ve done in my career is win, so winning is always in my mind.


“How much money I’m making really isn’t my focus. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for all the writers and media outlets. I am thankful for each person, whether it was a good story or bad story. For 19 years, you guys kept me relevant. As far as the money persona, it really has reinvented itself. I was ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ and then I come back as Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. It’s all about reinventing yourself. I want to continue making smart investments so my grandkids are OK.


” I always have the remedy to do what I have to do to come out on top.


“I’m pretty sure my father has a great game plan so we can go out there and do what we do best. Our game plan is to be smart, be first, take our time and get the job done.


“I think that Manny Pacquaio is a very interesting fighter. For him to get to where he is now, it’s obvious that he has had to do something right.


“No one should have been waiting until I became 47-0 to bet on me, they should’ve been betting on me from the beginning.”


Manny Pacquiao:

“I am so happy that this fight has been made, and I know that boxing fans feel the same way.


“In Miami we talked about the fight and I understood that I was the B side and he was the A side.


“I believe that this fight has been well worth the wait. More people are familiar with us as fighters, even people who aren’t fans of boxing know about this fight.


“All the Filipino people are going to watch this fight.


“Training camp is going well. We are very happy. I am updating my training each day on my Instagram.


“I like being the underdog going into a fight. It has been a while since I’ve been one. This time around it gives me much more motivation and I am determined to prove that I can win.


“This fight is very important to me and in boxing history. We don’t want to leave a question mark in the mind of boxing fans. Boxing fans have been eager to see this fight for five years. They have been asking me the same question and it is finally happening.


“I keep fighting because boxing is my passion, I love boxing. I have been able to help my family through boxing.


“The Filipino people are very excited for this fight and I can’t wait to bring a victory to the country.

“I don’t want to judge, but I am very confident about this fight. I was more worried about my fights against [Oscar] De La Hoya, [Antonio] Margarito and [Miguel] Cotto, than I am with fighting Floyd Mayweather.


“Pleasing the fans is the most important thing to me; I want to make them happy. I get emotional sometimes in the ring because I just want to make them happy.


“I don’t get discouraged anymore with a loss in boxing. It is a part of the game and I have taken the losses and have made myself a better fighter. It’s about building yourself up and turning yourself into a better fighter.


“I will win May 2.”


Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions:

“We are very excited to making history today by officially announcing the biggest fight in the history of boxing and one of the biggest events in the history of sports.
“I would like to recognize the role that Floyd and Manny had in making this fight. The meeting that they had in Miami was a major milestone and I would personally like to thank Floyd for making it happen.


“Over the years Floyd has made the MGM Grand his home and they have gone above and beyond to ensure the highest quality for every Floyd event. This will be Floyd’s 11th consecutive fight at the MGM Grand and the 14th time that he will have fought there in his career.


“Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is a tremendous fight between two great champions and two great men. May 2 will be a spectacle unlike anything that Las Vegas has ever seen before.”


Bob Arum, Founder and CEO of Top Rank:

“It started when Les Moonves [chairman of CBS] came to my house. He visited me on a couple of occasions to tell me that he wanted to make this fight happen. He wanted me to go to Manny [Pacquiao] and discuss with him the purse that would be acceptable.


“We had frequent dialogue. I felt confident that it was going to happen because Moonves would do whatever he could to make this happen.


“It wasn’t until the basketball game in Miami where Manny was convinced that Floyd wanted the fight.


“It was probably the most difficult fight to make that I’ve been a part of. It took five years to make.


“One thing is clear; it’s the biggest fight of this century.


“I have no animosity with Floyd Mayweather. Floyd has always remained a good friend; I have nothing whatsoever bad to say about Floyd as a person.


“I love Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach. When Manny wins on May 2, which I’m sure he will, I will have a great deal of satisfaction for the both of them. They will have done the work to make it happen.


“Floyd’s style is really fit to fight a right-handed fighter. The southpaws that he has fought have given him problems and he has risen above, but the southpaws he fought in the past aren’t Manny Pacquiao.


“This fight is going to bring tremendous revenue to all of Las Vegas. I would’ve been put in a terrible position if I would’ve tried to move this fight out of Las Vegas, as I am a resident. Truly, the fight belongs in Las Vegas. Thousands and thousands of people will pour into Las Vegas just to be a part of the scene. This will be the biggest event in the history of Las Vegas.”


Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s Trainer:

“I think that Floyd had a better chance of beating Manny Pacquiao five years ago than he does now. Floyd’s legs are more shot now and he has slowed down quite a bit. I think we can take advantage of that.


“Floyd says that he wants to exchange with fighters more now to make it a more exciting fight, but I think that isn’t true. He doesn’t care about the fans at all and the only reason he has to exchange more is because his legs won’t take him out of the fight.


“If Floyd has to exchange with Manny Pacquiao I think that’s good for us and that’s why I think we’re going to win this fight.


“I think that this fight will change the game of boxing.


“Manny called me up and told me that he can’t train in the Philippines because it’s too crazy with all the fans there, he can’t focus.


“I have a rule in training camp this time that if you aren’t being productive in the gym for training, then you can’t be around. The strategy of this fight is very important and different from past fights. We can’t have any spies in the gym; we are just working on the game plan and focusing on what Floyd is doing. I know how Floyd sets up people and makes them walk into shots.


“Manny is very motivated for this fight. You have to take Floyd out of his confidence zone. Manny knows how to beat him. We will make the right move before we attack him.


“I wanted to have some young, upcoming fighters as sparring partners for Manny. There are young fighters from Chicago, Massachusetts and Finland who are coming in to spar with Manny. Their styles are perfect fits for Manny. They may get knocked out and sent home, but we’ll see. I have all the sparring partners lined up.

“Our game plan is to win every round. If we get the knockout, then that’s just a bonus. Floyd will dip into Manny’s power. That’s the mistake that someone will make against a southpaw. We have to win the first round and take Floyd out of his comfort zone.”


Richard Sturm, President Entertainment & Sports MGM Resorts International:

“We are thrilled that this fight has come to fruition and that it will be held at MGM Grand. The resort is home to the biggest names in sports and entertainment and on May 2 we will host one of the greatest fights the sport will have ever seen.


“Over the years, both Floyd and Manny have treated fans inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena and those watching on PPV to a thrilling fight experience. While their previous fights have been extremely exciting, we believe there is nothing that can compare to the spectacle these two champions will deliver on May 2.”


Ken Hershman, President HBO Sports:

“Over the next few months, the fans, pundits and writers will break down every aspect of this fight.


“I would like to look back and appreciate how we got here. It was 2001 when a young kid out of the Philippines named Manny Pacquaio made his HBO debut. Coincidentally, the headliner of the fight was Floyd Mayweather. Floyd made his HBO debut in 1997 and since then he has fought on HBO or HBO PPV 26 times.


“While these two have never shared a card again before May 2, they’ve each gone on to have Hall of Fame careers and have become the two biggest fighters of their generation. Floyd has headlined nine HBO PPV events and Manny 17 HBO PPV events. Those 26 events have compiled over 21 million PPV buys and over a billion dollars in revenue.


“On May 2, these two superstars will participate in what we all know will be the single largest boxing event of all time.


“We are proud to one again be making history on May 2 with Mayweather and Pacquiao.”


Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President & General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports:

“When Floyd Mayweather signed his historic deal with SHOWTIME two years ago, he promised us two things: one, he would be fighting more often and; two, each of the six fights under his deal would be the biggest events possible against the best opponents possible. Fast forward two years, and Floyd has kept every word of his promises.


“Now for just the second time in five fights with SHOWTIME, Floyd is fighting an opponent that many people thought he’d never fight. SHOWTIME PPV and Floyd set a PPV record with the first event in September 2013 and we look forward to another record-breaking performance on May 2.


“SHOWTIME has been involved in some of the biggest PPV events in history including Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson in 2002 and Mayweather vs. Canelo [Alvarez] in 2013. But neither of those events have generated the type of excitement and anticipation in media attention that matches the hysteria that this fight has already generated.


“This is the reason that all of us at SHOWTIME and CBS are so proud to be bringing this fight together. Excited, proud, thrilled, those are some of the countless adjectives to describe our feelings about this event, but surprisedis not one of them. As soon as we closed our deal with Floyd in 2013, the Pacquiao fight was a top priority both for Floyd and for us.


“Whenever it was time to discuss a Mayweather opponent, Manny Pacquiao was always high on Floyd’s list.


“As the CEO of CBS and a longtime boxing fan, Leslie Moonves was the driving force behind this deal and the primary reason why this fight was made.


“We know that Floyd is the consensus number one fighter in the sport, we know that Floyd is the most talked about athlete in all of sports and together with Floyd Mayweather, SHOWTIME has become the number one PPV distributer in television. We look forward to breaking more records and making more history on May 2.”



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Meet Tonight’s ShoBox Fighters

Quadrupleheader Tonight LIVE on SHOWTIME® At 10 p.m. ET/PT
From The Space at Westbury in Westbury, N.Y.
Westbury, NY (March 13, 2015)–Below are video interviews with the fighters that will compete in tonight’s ShoBox: The New Generation card that will feature four big fights beginning at 10 PM ET/PT.  (Note–Andrew Hernandez was unavailable for interview).
In the 10-round main event, undefeated middleweight’s Antoine Douglas (16-0-1, 10 KO’s) battles Thomas LaManna (16-0, 7 KO’s); The NABA & NABO Lightweight titles will be on the line when Isamel Barroso (16-0-2, 15 KO’s) takes on Issouf Kinda (17-2, 7 KO’s) in a bout scheduled for ten rounds.
 In eight-round bouts, super middleweight Jerry Odom (12-1, 11 KO’s) looks to avenge his only defeat when he battles Andrew Hernandez (8-0-1, 1 KO) and rounding out the card will be undefeated super bantamweights Adam Lopez (9-0, 4 KO’s) taking on Pablo Cruz (11-0, 3 KO’s)
Antoine Douglas 031215
Antoine Douglas 031215
Thomas LaManna 031215
Thomas LaManna 031215
Ismael Barroso 031215
Ismael Barroso 031215
Issouf Kinda 031215
Issouf Kinda 031215
Jerry Odom 031215
Jerry Odom 031215
Adam Lopez 031215
Adam Lopez 031215
Pablo Cruz 031215
Pablo Cruz 031215
Advance tickets for the event promoted by GH3 Promotions and Greg Cohen Promotions in association with David Schuster’s Winner Take All Productions, are priced at $150, $125, and $60 for general admission. Tickets are available at, all Ticketmaster locations,, The Space at Westbury Box Office at 516.283.5566 or by calling the GCP Office at 212.851.6425.

The event is sponsored by Foxwoods Resort Casino & Westbury Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram Dealership & Maxim Group.

GH3 Promotions features undefeated Middleweight Antoine Douglas, Super Middleweight’s Jerry Odom & Derrick Webster, undefeated Super Bantamweight Adam Lopez as well as Jr. Middleweight John Thompson, Featherweight Jorge Diaz, undefeated Super Bantamweight Qa’id Muhammad, Light Heavyweight Lavarn Harvell and undefeated Welterweight Jerrell Harris.


Bektemirov 184 lbs – Johnson 186 lbs


HOUSTON, TEXAS (February 13, 2015) – Russian power puncher, Medzhidm “B-52” Bektemirov (14-0, 11 KOs) and his opponent James Johnson (28-44-4, 17 KOs) make weight for their upcoming 6-round bout on the“Battle on the Mainland” card taking place at the Charles Doyle Convention Center in Texas City, TX on March 13, 2015.  Bektemirov tipped the scale at 184 lbs. while Johnson weighed in at 186 lbs.  Gary Shaw Productions and Savarese Promotions co-promote B-52.


“Battle of the Mainland” tickets priced $35 (general admission), $75 (Table seats) and $100 (Ringside) are on sale now and can be purchased by calling (713) 658-0229 or online at  The Charles Doyle Conventions Center is located at 2010 5th Ave N, Texas City, TX, 77590.

184 – 186

Taylor to face undefeated fighter in title showdown on March 21st

26 year old Ryan “Crash Bang” Taylor is set to explode back into the big time when he faces undefeated Danny Gunn for the vacant International Masters Light-Welterweight title in front of what will be a sold out York Hall crowd on the Olivia Goodwin promoted “Best of Enemies” card on Saturday 21st March.


Talyor who was a highly touted amateur was undefeated in his first 8 fights including capturing the International Masters Lightweight title.


On his 9th fight he fought Liam Shinkwin for the Southern Area Lightweight title at Wembley Arena losing a close points decision.  After reaching the Semi Final of the sky sports Prizefighter competition, Ryan then had his second attempt at the southern Area title in December 2013 at the Excel arena where he was defeated by Floyd Moore.


There was no doubt that the efforts of continuing to drain his body down to the 9 stone 9 lbs limit was draining Ryan. Ryan took a brief break from boxing and then teamed up with trainer Frank Greaves and Manager/Promoter Steve Goodwin.


A decision was made that Ryan needed to step up in weight and campaign in the Light-Welterweight division. Ryan returned to the ring in December 2013 where he was impressive in recording a points win over Vasil Vasilev.


Now it’s the big one. Danny Gunn is an undefeated prospect from Norwich who considers Taylor to be a stepping stone to the big time whilst Ryan knows that a title victory here will open doors to the bigger titles later in the year.


Full credit must be given to Ryan for taking such a hard fight on his second fight at the new weight “I have had incredible support for this fight” said Ryan “I would like to thank everyone who is coming to support me and I have a few tickets left so should anyone want to come please contact me.”


Quadrupleheader Tonight LIVE on SHOWTIME® At 10 p.m. ET/PT

From The Space at Westbury in Westbury, N.Y.

  Photos by: Rosie Cohe/SHOWTIME


WESTBURY, N.Y. (March. 12, 2015) – Undefeated welterweight Antoine Douglas tipped the scale at 159¾ pounds and fellow unbeaten Thomas LaManna measured 157¾ pounds during Thursday’s official weigh-in for tonight’s ShoBox: The New Generation quadrupleheader.


At just 23 years old, Douglas (16-0-1, 10 KOs) is one of boxing’s fastest-rising prospects. The aggressive and exciting Washington, D.C., native will make his 2015 debut against LaManna (16-0, 7 KOs) in the main event of ShoBox: The New Generation, live on SHOWTIME (10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from The Space at Westbury in Westbury, N.Y.


In the co-feature, unbeaten southpaw Ismael Barroso (16-0-2, 15 KOs), of El Tigre, Venezuela, will shoot for his 13th consecutive victory when he faces Issouf “Volcano” Kinda (17-2, 7 KOs), of Bronx, N.Y., in a 10-round scrap for the NABO Lightweight Title. Barroso weighed 134 pounds, Kinda 133½ pounds.


In an eight-round featured bout, once-beaten Jerry “The King’s Son” Odom (12-1, 1 NC, 11 KOs), of Washington D.C., will try and avenge his lone loss when he takes on undefeated Andrew “Hurricane” Hernandez (8-0-1, 1 ND, 1 KO) of Phoenix, Ariz., in a super middleweight rematch. Odom weighed 168 pounds, Hernandez 167¾ pounds.


In the opening bout, Adam Lopez (9-0, 4 KOs), of San Antonio, and Houston’s Pablo Cruz (11-0, 3 KOs) clash in an eight-round battle of Lone Star State super bantamweights. Lopez tipped scale at 121½ pounds, Cruz weighed 120¾ pounds.


Advance tickets for the event promoted by GH3 Promotions and Greg Cohen Promotions in association with David Schuster’s Winner Take All Productions, are priced at $150, $125, and $60 for general admission. Tickets are available at, all Ticketmaster locations,, The Space at Westbury Box Office at 516.283.5566 or by calling the GCP Office at 212.851.6425.


The event is sponsored by Foxwoods Resort Casino & Westbury Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram Dealership & Maxim Group.


Here’s what the fighters had to say before Thursday’s weigh-in:


Antoine Douglas:

“The key is that I learn from my past experiences. Everything is a lesson. It’s only considered a loss if you don’t learn from it.

“I’m a disciplined fighter so once I enter the ring, the switch is on. That’s my comfort zone.

“If you look at my story, you see I’ve been through adversity all my life. Being in the ring is just another step for something I’m fighting for. I have people to fight for, burdens to get off my shoulder, my life is a fight.  Once I step in the ring, it’s go time, I handle all my business there.

“I know what I worked on and what I prepared myself to do, so I don’t go in the ring expecting anything. If you go in expecting something, you may end up on the other side of that expectation, so I just do what I came to do, fight hard and win. If you go in expecting things, you’re going on a one-way path.

“Any man you get in the ring with, no matter how big or small, has the capability to do damage.  I take on every fight with the same intensity and thought process; I can’t worry about anything else.”

Thomas LaManna:

“People try to underestimate me based on my appearance but once they get hit, it’s another story. I know Douglas is taking me seriously since he knows me from the amateurs. It’s in his best interest to take me seriously.

“I know I’m good at what I do, and that’s boxing. During my first fights, if I got hit, everything went out the window and I was ready to rumble. My new trainer helped me control my mental strength while really using my reach, but the key is to stick to the game plan.

“This opportunity to fight on SHOWTIME was too good to pass up. I want everyone to see that I’m the real deal. The press has said a lot of positive things about me and I want to live up to that. The risk and reward factor about this fight is getting out and being seen. I know what I can do but not everyone has seen it yet.

“I love the fact you have two 23-year-old young undefeated fighters getting in the ring. As a boxing fan, I think that makes for a great fight. I’m fortunate to be a part of a card with two legit young fighters. We’re both where we’re at for a reason.

“I believe in my shots and power. Any shot I throw, I believe in it. My skills, talent and hard work are what brought me here.”

Ismael Barroso:

“I want the U.S. fans to think of me as a great fighter who comes to go to war. I come to knock people out.

“In Cuba in 2001, I sparred someone on the Cuban National Team and laid him out cold.. As I kept training, I developed more power.

I’m in great shape. I trained for four months for this fight and I’m ready. I could go 12 rounds if I had to.

“He [Kinda] is just another fighter. This fight is mine. I will knock him out or get a decision. We took this guy because nobody wants to fight him. He [Kinda] has never been knocked out, but look at who he has fought.”

Issouf Kinda

“I have never been knocked down. I have never been hurt. And I don’t think that’s going to change now.

“This guy has never fought anybody like me. He thinks he can knock everybody out, but I’m not just another guy. I’m tougher than everybody he has ever fought. He’s not going to knock me down.

“I know how to fight a southpaw. I’m experienced. I can box. He better be ready.

“I’m going to show him he is fighting a man. If he punches me, I’m going to punch him back.”

Jerry Odom:

“I don’t think he wants to fight me. He’s just doing it because he has to. I’m not going to say I regret what I did to Hernandez in our first fight because I was just trying to get the win, so I went for the kill.

“Before I even saw fighting on TV or even started boxing, I knew how to fight. Where I come from, I was used to adversity so my instinct was to fight no matter what.

“When I changed trainers, it was for the better. We had a mutual understanding so there were no hard feelings. Instead of going to train in different places, my workouts feel more professional. I get everything I need in one session. I’ve been able to break down my old habits in order to show my real talent.”

Andrew Hernandez:

“He fought dirty the first time around. He hit me with a blow and I took a knee and while I was down, he punched me again.

“He’s definitely overrated. He’s fought a lot of tomato cans. I’m going to expose him. I’m sharper and better than him in all aspects, no question.

“I took the rematch because that’s not the victory I wanted. I wanted a knockout. I’ll get it this time around. I’m going for it with all I have.

“I heard some people questioning my punching power. I boxed Odom with an injured hand and I outboxed him. I’m healthy and in great shape now. I’m going to knock him out. You better be watching.”

Adam Lopez:

“Cruz is my countryman. I’ve seen him fight. I even sparred with him a while back and I can say with certainty that I outboxed him.

“This is the first time I’m going eight rounds, but I’m not concerned about it. I trained very well. I’m in the best shape I have ever been.

“Fighting on this card is a great opportunity for me. I’ve been under the radar most of my career, but now I have the opportunity to be on SHOWTIME, national television. I feel so blessed.”

Pablo Cruz

“It took me over nine years to get here. I worked hard, really hard and I’m not going to let this opportunity slip away.

“This is a huge fight for me, perhaps the biggest one of my career. I will go at him with everything I got.

“I’m not taking him lightly. I respect him as a fighter, but I’m hungry. I’m very hungry and I’ll do what it takes to get the job done. Tomorrow is my time and I’ll shine.”



Weights from Boxing at
The Space at Westbury in New York

ShoBox weigh in 031215
3-13-15 ShoBox weigh in video


Antoine Douglas 159.8 – Thomas LaManna 157.8
Ismael Barroso 134 – Isoouf Kinda 133.6 (NABA & NABO Lightweight Championships)
Jerry Odom 168 – Andrew Hernandez 167.8
Adam Lopez 121.4 – Pablo Cruz 120.8
Tommy Rainone 151- Allen Litzau 151
Patty Alcivar 112.8 – Peggy Maerz 111.4
Dave Meloni 130 – Ricard Bonds 133
Rich Neves 156 – Joshua Marks 151.2

TV: ShoBox: The New Generation (10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast)


Tickets: Priced at $150, $125, and $60 for general admission and available at, all Ticketmaster locations,, The Space at Westbury Box Office at 516.283.5566 or by calling the GCP Office at 212.851.6425


Sponsors: Foxwoods Resort Casino & Westbury Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram Dealership & Maxim Group.


Promoters: GH3 Promotions and Greg Cohen Promotions in association with David Schuster’s Winner Take All Productions.



About Greg Cohen Promotions


One of boxing’s premier promotional outfits, Greg Cohen Promotions (GCP) is a well-respected name for staging world-class professional boxing events and promoting elite professional fighters throughout the world.

Founder and CEO Greg Cohen has been involved with professional boxing in various capacities since the late 1980s, honing his craft and establishing himself as a shrewd international boxing businessman.

Distinguished by his ability to spot and develop raw talent, Cohen made headlines for his expert guidance of, among many others, former WBA Junior Middleweight Champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout, who Cohen helped guide from unknown New Mexico prospect to elite pay-per-view level superstar.

In addition to Trout, Greg Cohen Promotions has worked with established names such as former unified and two-time heavyweight champion Hasim “The Rock” Rahman (50-8-2, 41 KOs); and all-time-great multiple-weight class world champion James “Lights Out” Toney (74-7-3, 45 KOs).

Current world-rated contenders in the GCP roster include Arash Usmanee, universally recognized as a top-10 super featherweight; former WBA International Middleweight Champion and world-rated middleweight contender Jarrod Fletcher; top-rated featherweight Joel Brunker; cruiserweight Lateef Kayode; Canadian lightweight and TV action hero Tony Luis, and WBA and five-time Irish National Amateur Champion, Dennis Hogan; and Rising Welterweight sensation Cecil McCalla.

Greg Cohen Promotions has hosted world-class boxing events in the finest venues throughout the United States and the world and has also proudly provided talent and/or content for several television networks including HBO, Showtime, ESPN, NBC Sports Network, MSG and FOX Sports Net.

Manager Gary Hyde petitions WBA To enforce mandatory title fight Between Rigondeaux and Quigg


CORK, Ireland (March 12, 2015) – International boxing manager Gary Hyde, president of Nowhere2Hyde Management, has formally petitioned the World Boxing Association (WBA) to enforce a mandatory title fight between Hyde’s fighter, WBA Super & World Boxing Organization (WBO) super bantamweight champion Guillermo “The Jackal” Rigondeaux (15-0, 10 KOs), and WBA “regular” 122-pound division titlist Scott Quigg (30-0-2, 22 KOs).


Below find a copy of Hyde’s letter to the WBA:



Dear Chairman Mendoza:


I write as the manager of Guillermo Rigondeaux, the Unified WBA/WBO Champion.


I write to request enforcement of the mandatory.  Uniquely in the Super Bantamweight Division Guillermo Rigondeaux is the “Unified Champion” and Scott Quigg is the “Regular Champion.”

Clearly as the Regular Champion Quigg is the highest ranked contender in the division.  While he was injured he is now back in training and there is no reason why Mr. Rigondeaux cannot or should not fulfill his mandatory obligations against Mr. Quigg.


We are aware that there are some discussions about a bout between Quigg and Frampton.  However, we have been in touch with the IBF and they will not sanction the unification fight with anyone other than the highest level champion which in this case is Guillermo Rigondeaux.


We respectfully suggest that it is best to deal with the mandatory issue now and request that Quigg and Guillermo be directed to begin negotiations.


Respectfully submitted,


Gary Hyde



Hyde also manages WBA Interim cruiserweight champion Youri “El Toro” Kalenga(21-1, 14 KOs), former WBO middleweight champion and current International Boxing Federation (IBF) No. 1 mandatory contender Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam (31-1, 18 KOs), and top super bantamweight prospect Marcos Forestal (1-0, 1 KO).


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Marcus Upshaw Still has a lot of fight left


MIAMI (March 12, 2015) – During the course of his nine-year pro boxing career, veteran middleweight Marcus “Arillius” Upshaw (17-13-4, 1 NC, 8 KOs) has been called a spoiler, gatekeeper, professional opponent, journeyman and road warrior.


Upshaw has been all of the above, granted, but more than anything he’s been an honest fighter willing to take on anybody, anytime. He’s fought all comers from world champions to top contenders and promising prospects.


All he wants now, though, is a fight against a world-class opponent, hoping a victory could propel him into an often dreamed about world title fight.


If draws, split and/or close decision losses, especially if resulting from fights in an opponent’s backyard, are generally considered “wins” in boxing, Upshaw’s record could be a much different 27-8 today and the 34-year-old Floridian would have been fighting in major fights on major cable networks.


Upshaw’s official record is a direct result of him taking fights as a late replacement, on the road in hostile and biased markets, against protected fighters and sons of famous boxers, occasionally in a higher weight class than his natural 160-pound division.


His most recent fight last week in Dallas ended in typical fashion, as Upshaw fought to an eight-round draw (76-74, 74-76, 75-75) with hometown favorite Anthony Mack(12-1-1), in which Upshaw hurt his opponent several times, winning seven rounds according to his new head trainer, Orlando Cuellar, longtime manager Si Stern, and just about every person in attendance.


“The boxing world is crazy,” Upshaw said. “I’ve now had draws in back-to-back fights (the other against Aaron Pryor Jr.). I won’t let it get to me, though. I guess it says a lot about me that I can go into a fighter’s backyard, after training hard, and come out with a draw in fights that really should have been wins. Now, I know I have to get knockouts to win and that was my intention going into the last fight because I fought a Texas guy in Texas. I wobbled him three different times and won every round but one.”


The height of Upshaw’s career was in 2010 when he traveled to Quebec City and shocked 21-1-1 local hero Renan St. Juste, winning a 10-round decision to elevate Upshaw in world middleweight rankings (IBF #6, WBO #9 and WBC #11). Prior to the St. Juste fight, Upshaw derailed the career of the then 19-1 James McGirt, son of famed world champion/elite trainer James “Buddy” McGirt, with a controversial 10-round majority draw. Two fights later, he stopped 10-0 prospect Ashandi Gibbs (10-0) in the fourth-round for the Florida State middleweight championship.


Upshaw has displayed his vast talents by going the complete distance in rounds, albeit in losses, with the likes of Mario Antonio Rubio, David Lemieux, Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez, Edwin Rodriguez, Patrick Majewski and Tarvis Simms. The latter opponent was another prime example of the injustice Upshaw has faced too many times. Simms was 24-0-1 in 2009 when he fought Upshaw at Mohegan Sun, which is a short drive from his home in nearby Norwalk. Simms won an eight-round split decision (77-74 X 2, 75-76).


L-R- Upshaw & Cuellar

Cuellar, best known for guiding the original road warrior,Glen Johnson, to a world title, added, “Marcus has always been in tough, he’s another road warrior, fighting more experienced, protected fighters including some who were super middleweights. He came close to putting this last guy away a few different times. He won seven of eight rounds and the ref even took a point away, without a warning, when Marcus’ poorly fitting mouthpiece fell out. It certainly didn’t happen because he was in trouble.



“We only had five weeks working together. We want Marcus to use his 6′ 3 ½” height to his advantage. He has to fight at a distance, using his reach from the outside. He can control a fight with a double jab, followed by a right, just like he did against Mack. I was impressed by the way he trained in the gym and even more now I’ve been with him in a fight. I think he can give anybody trouble if he fights on the outside. He gets in top shape, fights smart, and now we can plan a strategy in advance because we know each other. He has to knockout opponents to win. I train my fighters to drop and stop, which is what Marcus will be doing.”


Upshaw believes Cuellar is the missing link he’s needed to get back to the top. “I’ve already learned a lot from Orlando,” Upshaw explained, “but most of all I’ve learned that I can do anything in the ring. He doesn’t just tell a fighter to do this or that; Orlando gives a fighter the tools, the armor to go into battle, to be your best. He is like an old-school trainer. The hard part with him is training, not the fight. He’s put life into my career.


“I’ve been in with the best and also learned from those fights. My problem has not being focused the entire fight. I know I’m faster and stronger than my opponent, but I get bored sometimes and stop throwing punches. I don’t know why I do that but it’s been my mindset. Orlando has taught me that I need to stay focused and alert throughout an entire fight.”


With his size and rich athletic bloodlines – his uncle, the late Gene Upshaw, was an NFL Hall of Fame offensive guard for the Oakland Raiders – Upshaw clearly hasn’t reached his full potential, at least not yet.


“I am delighted Marcus is now training with Orlando,” manager Stern remarked. “Marcus is tall, strong and smart in the ring. I have great hope for him in the immediate future.”




Welterweight Prospect, ‘Speedy’ Rashidi Ellis will fight this Saturday for two belts in Caguas, Puerto Rico

Former amateur star, ‘Speedy’ Rashidi Ellis ( 13-0, 10 KO’s ) from Lynn, Massachusetts will return to the ring this Saturday, March 14th at the Roger L. Mendoza Coliseum in Caguas, Puerto Rico. His opponent will be Colombian, Victor Gonzalez ( 12-9, 11 KO’s ) in a 8-round bout, schedule for the vacants WBA FedeCaribe, and WBC Latino welterweight titles.
“I’m ready to take those titles to Puerto Rico and Massachusetts. I’m very grateful with my Puerto Rican people, and the fans can expect a war against a hard hitting Colombian fighter. The training with my coach Alex Rivera has been great, and we are very confident”, commented Rashidi Ellis, who next Tuesday will be joining Manny Pacquiao’s training camp at the Wild Card Gym as one of his sparring partners.
The event is promoted by Miguel Cotto Promotions and Roc Nation Sports.
In his last bout on November 14, Ellis outboxed, and defeated via fifth round knockout, tought veteran, Joseph De los Santos ( 18-14-9 KO’s ) from Dominican Republic in a 6 round bout at the junior middleweight division held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Ellis, who at one point of his boxing amateur career was ranked number one at the Welterweight division (152 pounds) in the United States, ended up with a record of 60-11, which included:
-2012 National PAL (Police Athletic League) Champion-Three time New England Golden Gloves Champion

-Rocky Marciano Amateur Boxing Tournament Champion

-Silver Medal at the Independent Cup in the Dominican Republic

Ellis comes from a family of boxers. His older brother, Ronald “Akeem” is an undefeated super middleweight prospect. His sister, Rashida, is a 2012 PAL champion, and a favorite win medal for the U.S. Women`s Boxing Team in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Greg Cohen Promotions Announces Multi-Fight Deal with CBS Sports Network

Greg Cohen Promotions (GCP) announces a multi-fight deal with CBS Sports Network to telecast live professional boxing.

“Championship Boxing” will debut on CBS Sports Network on April 17 at 10:00 PM, ET at the Grand Casino in Hinckley, Minnesota.  In the 10-round main event, Ireland’s WBA #12- and IBF #11-rated “Hurricane” Dennis Hogan (20-0-1, 7 KOs) will face Philadelphia’s hard-punching Tyrone “Young Gun” Brunson (22-4-1, 21 KOs) for the WBA Oceana Championship.

In the 10-round televised co-feature, Canada’s world rated and fast-rising lightweight star Tony “Lightning” Luis (19-2, 7 KOs) will make the first defense of his WBC Continental Americas Championship.

“I am extremely proud to be unveiling this series with CBS Sports Network,” said Greg Cohen. “This is a huge next step in the evolution of my company. This is going to be a great year for televised boxing and it’s an honor to be working with such a prestigious television partner to make it happen.”

CBS Sports Network, the 24 hour home of CBS Sports, is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to

Specific match-ups, more dates and venues will be announced at a later date.

Former Welsh Champ Lee Churcher Returns With A Bang

Newport’s former Welsh and British Masters Champion Lee Churcher made a successful return to the ring last Saturday night, Nottingham’s Matt Scriven by a 40-35 points margin.


Churcher, who hasn’t fought since his ninth round stoppage victory over Barrie Jones that secured him the Welsh title in May 2012, almost didn’t get to fight at all, after his opponent Ratislav Frano, as well as Elimer Rafael, who was due to face Andy Bell, Julius Rafael, who was to be Matt Scriven’s opponent on the night, and their trainer all failed to make their flight from Slovakia.


With time running out promoter Wayne O’Hara initially tried to get the errant Slovakian boxers on another flight, when it was clear that wasn’t going to happen then tried in vain to locate UK based opponents.


With time fast running out Matt Scriven, who had fought Churcher back in 2010, suggested that rather than lose all three bouts off the show that he and Churcher could fight each other.


Right from the off it was clear that both protagonists were in the mood for a good old fashioned slug fest.


After some nice tidy exchanges it was Scriven that was first to let rip in anger, with a scorching body shot, Churcher responded in kind and then for the rest of the round it was pure toe-to-toe pugilistic heaven for the fans, as the pair slugged it out big time.


More of the same in both the second and third rounds, much to the delight of the crowd, who had been on their feet for virtually every second of the fight.


In the forth stanza Scriven came out of the blocks fast, intent on securing centre ring with some beautiful jabs and crisp combinations, however Churcher was in no mood to play second fiddle to anyone, coming in hard and fast throwing powerful body shots and uppercuts at every opportunity.


About half way through the round Churcher landed a peach of a right, sending Scriven to the canvas. Scriven recovered before the count concluded and boxed smart, as Churcher went all out to finish off the Nottingham man.


At the end of four scintillating all action rounds, referee Lee Murtagh scored the bout 40-35 in favour of Churcher.


Prior to the excellent Churcher-Scriven bout, there were five top class exhibition bouts, featuring some of the young guns from Nottingham’s Robin Hood Gym.


These bouts gave the crowd an early peek at some of the future stars that are destined to follow in the footsteps of Nottingham’s most famous boxing star, Mr. Carl Froch.


The first of the bouts featured Robin Hood’s Jack Whitehouse against Will Smith from Leeds.


What a cracking closely fought fight, both boxed beautifully throughout, but at the end of the bout it was Whitehouse whose hand was held aloft in victory.


Following the excellent Whitehouse-Smith battle see Carl Coulthard in action against another local lad Aaron Stark.


Both lads went hammer and tongs for virtually the whole two rounds, but with just about twenty seconds of the second round to go Stark landed a peach of right hand to send Couthard to the canvas, unfortunately Coulthard tried to get to his feet but just failed to make the count.


Next up see Connor Riddick take the victory laurels against another local lad Dan McCreedy.


Right from the off it was clear Riddick wasn’t interested in anything but a good win, letting rip with big rights and lightning quick double handed flurries.


About midway through the bout McCreedy clicked it up a notch, in doing so played straight into to Riddick’s hands, as he was well up for an old fashioned slug fest and ultimately produced the second win of the night for the Robin Hood Gym crew.


The fourth bout of the night was a sensational all action battle royale between Tom Mulligan and Peterborough’s Dominic Masses.


The first round was very much a fifty/fifty round, with both protagonists more than happy to box at a fast pace, however saying that Mulligan shook Masses a couple of times with some pin point accurate exocets.


Round two see Masses in the ascendance, however even though the Peterborough man was backing Mulligan up for a good part of the fight it was the Nottingham man that secured the round, after sending Masses to the deck twice.


With blood pouring from his nose and on unsteady legs nobody would have been surprised if Masses decided not to come out for the third, but he did and as before took the fight to the Nottingham man.


For about two thirds of the round it looked like Masses would turn the tables on Mulligan, having shook the Nottingham man with some big right hands, however it wasn’t to be as Mulligan managed to settle himself after yet another barrage of shots and land a seriously hard right to the head, that sent Masses to the deck once more.


Before Masses had even landed on the canvas his corner had decided enough was enough and quite rightly threw the towel in.


The final exhibition bout was yet another stormer, this time featuring the highly exciting Tom Langley taking on Portsmouth’s Jules Phillips in a four round Super Bantamweight contest.


What a fight, without doubt both lads have a good future in the sport, especially young Tommy Langley, who boxed with a maturity that belied his tender years, keeping his distance nicely and just stepping in whenever he liked to land a cracking right or a tidy combination.


After four fantastic rounds it came as no surprise that it was Langley whose hand was raised in victory, most deservedly in my eyes.


Tom Langley is one seriously talented young man, boy oh boy can this kid box, definitely one to watch in the future, word is the eighteen year old is going to be turning pro this year, I for one look forward to him boxing on the pro circuit, that’s for sure.


With so much drama preceding the event who could have expected that the show would have gone so well and whilst there was only one pro bout in the end, nobody moaned or asked for their money back, how could they, it really was a good night of boxing.