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Sensational McAllister Secures Crown in Scintillating Style in Aberdeen

Report by Gianluca Di Caro

The Aberdeen Glitterati turned out in force in support of local hero,  three division World Champion Lee ‘The Aberdeen Assassin” McAllister’s  latest promotion at the stunning Beach Ballroom on Friday night.

McAllister is proving to be one of the most creative of promoters on  the circuit today.  Little touches like turning the stunning Beach  Ballroom venue into a pseudo high end Casino added another level of  cache to the excellent four-bout dinner show.

The show itself was originally due to feature four International  Championship contests, unfortunately one of the title fights was  cancelled after Ghana’s Ekow Wilson failed to obtain his visa in time,  but the fans were not to be disappointed in any way at all as the  three remaining Championship contests plus a late replacement  International four rounder provided more than enough action and drama  to sate any pugilistic appetite.

First fight of the night sees Bardley, Lincolnshire’s Nathan Decastro  in action against Estonian Eduard Belas.

This bout had been added to the card a week or so prior, following  Decastro’s challenge against Spain’s Ronny Landaeta for the IBF  European title, which was due to take place the same weekend in  Malaga, Spain, being called off due to rather unsavory actions by the  Spanish Federation.

It was clear from the off that Decastro was still smarting from the  cancellation of his IBF European Title Challenge, as right from the  opening bell went in hard and fast letting rip with vicious uppercuts  and body shots at every conceivable opportunity, no surprise then that  within the first twenty seconds or so Belas was sent to the canvas.

Belas managed to make the count but was soon under increasing pressure  from Decastro, who peppered the Estonian with a series of combinations  before letting rip with a big shot to the body to send Belas to the  canvas once more.

Surprisingly Belas made it to his feet for a second time, however  immediately the fight was restarted Decastro went straight in hard and  fast to send the Estonian to the canvas a third time, this time Belas  couldn’t make the count, leaving referee Lee Murtagh no option but  wave the fight of on the 52 second mark of the first round.

Decastro’s record now reads 10 wins, 8 by way of Knockout, no losses or draws.

Next up was Sandy Robb versus Latvia’s Aleksandrs Roldiguns for the  vacant Professional Boxing Council (PBC) Silver Cruiserweight  Championship.

To describe the first round as ‘technical’ would be an understatement;  both protagonists took their time, testing their opponent’s mettle  with impressive strong jabs to body and head. As the round progressed  Robb kicked up the pace a little and started to slip in the occasional  combination, in an attempt to break down the Latvian’s defense.

In the second, both decided to step up the pace, which worked well for  the Scotsman, as this opened up more opportunities for Robb to  breakdown Roldiguns excellent defense with crisp flowing combinations  as well as a couple of big right hands to the body.

More of the same in the third, about half way through the round Robb  backed Roldiguns onto the ropes and landed a cracking shot to the side  of the Latvian’s head before switching to the body, the Latvian  appeared disoriented and shortly after began grabbing hold of Robb at  every conceivable opportunity, in a vein attempt to prevent the Scots  lad landing further big shots. Roldiguns received numerous warnings,  not just for holding but also to keep his head up when in close.

The fourth round was very messy, as Roldugins continued to keep  grabbing and holding Robb each time the Scotsman came close. Quite  early on in the round Referee Lee Murtagh decided to put an end to the  Latvian’s shenanigans by deducting a point.

Even after the deduction Robb’s attempts to get back down to boxing  were thwarted, as Roldugins persisted in holding each time Robb closed  the Latvian down. After numerous further warnings for holding Referee  Lee Murtagh’s patience came to an end and Roldugins once more had a  point deducted.

Shortly after the restart, during another close quarters foray, there  was a sickening thud as the boxers heads clashed, leaving a cut over  Robb’s eye. Referee Lee Murtagh deemed it to be an accidental clash of  heads.

Almost immediately after this Roldugins once more grabbed hold of  Robb, who had backed the Latvian onto the ropes, and began rubbing his  head against the cut over Robb’s eye. This infringement was the final  straw as far as Referee Lee Murtagh was concerned, immediately  disqualifying Roldiguns on the 2 minute 50 second mark of the fourth  round.

Following the official results announcement PBC President Mr. Russell  Jacques presented Sandy Robb with the PBC Silver International  Cruiserweight Championship Belt.

The third fight of the night see local lad Nathan Beattie in action  against Ghana’s Tackie Annan for the PBC Silver International  Lightweight title.

Right from the opening bell both lads went to work methodically,  Beattie utilizing his strong jab to keep Annan at bay, whilst the  Ghanaian sought out angles in an attempt to land some strong right  hands to the Scotsman’s body, mostly in vein though as Beattie’s  defense was as strong as they come.

Second round started out with Beattie very much in control, the  Scotsman thwarting the efforts of the highly mobile Ghanaian with  panache. As the round reached the midway point Annan found an opening  and let rip with a big looping right hand to send Beattie crashing to  the canvas.

Beattie just about made the count but was clearly disoriented and  unsteady on his feet, leaving Referee Lee Murtagh no option but to  wave the fight off after just 1 minute and 34 seconds of the second  round.

After the official result was read out MC Douglas McAdam announced  that as Tackie Annan had failed to make the Championship weight, at  the weigh-in the day before, that the PBC International Lightweight  Title remains vacant, as under Championship rules a boxer that fails  to make the weight can still compete but is not be eligible to win the  Championship, only the boxer that made the weight could actually win  the crown.

The fourth and final fight of the night featured Aberdeen’s very own  Lee McAllister against the very tough Ghanaian Ishmael Tetteh, for  both the PBC International and Commonwealth Super Welterweight  Championships.

With over a hundred pro contests between them, including numerous  Championship bouts, it didn’t surprise anyone in attendance that  McAllister and Tetteh would put on an all action, slick display of  boxing at it’s very best, and boy oh boy did they do just that.

From the off both vied for centre ring position as if their lives  depended on, no pussyfooting around with these two, it was all out  war. Surprisingly it was the Ghanaian that eventually wrestled control  of the middle ground, or maybe not as that seemed to suit McAllister,  who throughout the first round utilized the outer ring with great  effect, often he would step in and let rip with blisteringly fast  combinations before moving back or stepping to the side just out of  range of the countering exocets thrown by Tetteh.

Round two was just phenomenal, you just couldn’t take your eyes of the  action for a second, it was mesmerizing to watch as the pair set to  work on their game-plans, one moment they were going at it hammer and  tongs in a toe to toe war, and the next some seriously slick boxing  which had the ensemble crowd on their feet.

As the round was moving towards it’s conclusion McAllister stepped up  the pace and went in hard and fast, letting rip with shots from every  conceivable angle, much to the delight of the fans, who seemed  convinced that their man was going in for the kill. Wow what a round.

It was more of the same in the third, but the fourth was something  special. McAllister seemed determined to end the fight as quickly as  possible, letting rip with power shots to head and body. Initially  Tetteh would cover up and try and withstand the onslaught, but about  midway through the round changed tactics and met the Scotsman head on  in centre ring and started throwing bombs of his own.

Round five started off with a beautiful close quarters exchange, which  must have lasted close to ten seconds and only came to an end when  Tetteh appeared to slip and fall to the canvas.

As Tetteh rose to his feet, and yes Referee Lee Murtagh deemed it a  slip, McAllister began rousing the crowd before going straight for the  Ghanaians jugular with power shot after power shot. Tetteh stood his  ground countering with great effect but on about the minute mark  McAllister threw a pinpoint perfect power shot to the Ghanaian’s lower  rib, to send him down to the canvas and gasping for breath.

The fans thought it was all over and began celebrating, however that  soon came to an abrupt end as terminator Tetteh rose to his feet to  just beat the count.

McAllister once again encouraged the crowd to get behind him, which  they did with gusto, and then proceeded to go in hard and fast with  sensationally quick hands to body and head, initially Tetteh stood his  ground countering, but in doing so left a smidgeon of an opening that  the canny Scot just couldn’t resist, letting rip with huge uppercut to  the floating rib, no surprise Tetteh returned to the canvas but this  time there was no chance of him making the count no matter how hard he  tried.

Referee Lee Murtagh waved the bout of on the 1 minute 48 second mark  of the fifth round and shortly after PBC head honcho Russell Jacques  proudly presented McAllister with the stunning PBC International and  Commonwealth belts.

It must have been over an hour before McAllister finally vacated the  ring though as he then proceeded to invite various dignitaries, as  well as numerous well wishers, into the ring to have photos taken with  him and the PBC belts, which I thought was a really nice touch.

Decastro Vs Landaeta Showdown For IBF European Crown on October 21st



Aberdeen, UK. Saturday 9th September 2017.



British Super Middleweight Nathan ‘Nightmare’ Decastro (9-0-0 with 8KOs) is set to challenge Spain’s Ronny Landaeta (12-0-0 with 8KOs) for the vacant International Boxing Federation (IBF) European Super Middleweight European Championship at the Palacio de Deportes José María Martín Carpena in Malaga, Spain on Saturday October 21st.


Decastro, the current MBC International Champion, who is currently ranked #13 in the IBF Intercontinental ratings, spoke briefly on learning of the golden opportunity.


“I can’t put into words what this fight means to me, I am a fighting man and fighting is my life.


This is a golden opportunity that I will take with both hands and show everyone what I’m made of.


Huge thanks to Lee (Manager Lee McAllister) for sorting this, what can I say, I only signed with his Assassin Boxing Promotions and Management company a few weeks ago and already he’s already got me a shot at title.


To fight for any title is an honour, but to fight for a coveted IBF belt is something else.


I know this is not an easy fight, Ronny’s undefeated in twelve and has successfully defended his Spanish title twice against top class opposition, but then again he’s not fought me yet, I’m not called the Nightmare for nothing.”


Nathan’s Manager, Three Time World Champion Lee McAllister, then added


“This a cracking opportunity for Nathan to catapult himself in to the World rankings, exciting times ahead for him if he’s successful.


We know we are going into the Lions den as massive underdogs, but I will be making sure that Nathan has space in his bag for the belt when coming home.


That’s not all, If all goes well in the next few days I hope to be announcing another Assassin Boxing Promotions and Management boxer challenging for an IBF title, here in the UK this time though”