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Selina Barrios and Lisa Porter Make Weight for NABF Lightweight Title

Both Fighters Make Weight For
NABF Lightweight Championship

ALEXANDRIA, LA (December 28, 2017) – Undefeated female fighters, Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios (2-0, 1 KO) and “Lovely” Lisa Porter (1-0-1), both made weight for their upcoming NABF Lightweight title bout, set to take place this Friday, December 29, at the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, LA.  Barrios weighed in at 131.2 lbs. while Porter tipped the scales at 134.5 lbs.
“I’m ready for war.  I know Lisa Porter is in great shape and will bring everything she’s got.  All the hard work is done.  Now it’s time to fight.” – Selina Barrios
“Barrios and I made weight and it’s go time now.  I’m ready to take my career to the next level.” – Lisa Porter

Selina Barrios vs. Lisa Porter NABF Lightweight Title On The Line

SAN ANTONIO, TX (December 18, 2017) – The two most avoided female boxers’ in the country are about to face each other, in what looks to be an all-out war, when undefeated sensation, lightweight Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios, takes on the dangerous “Lovely” Lisa Porter.
On the line will be the NABF lightweight title, as both fighters were granted by the NABF committee to fight for this respected belt.  The 10-round bout will take place at the Rapides Parish Coliseum on December 29, 2017, in Alexandria, LA.  The only other female pro to fight for a major title this quickly is 2-time gold medalist Clarissa Shields.
When everyone in the lightweight division has refused to fight Barrios or Porter, the two agreed to fight each other.  Barrios is a winner of four Ringside World Amateur Titles to go along with her many national championships.  Porter was a decorated amateur herself, winning three National PAL championships, US Golden Gloves, and was a US National Silver medalist.  Both fighters are coming in with undefeated records.
To put things in perspective, Barrios’ last opponent Jasmine Clarkson, was world champion Katie Taylor’s sixth opponent, before Taylor fought for the WBA world title.  In Porter’s case, she fought to a draw with Katonya Fisher, who defeated Jessica McCaskill, who is just went the distance with Taylor for WBA world title.
“I’m very excited to be fighting for the NABF title,” said Selina Barrios. “All I want is an opportunity to win a world title, and winning the NABF belt will get me closer to my dream of becoming a world champion.  I know I’m going to be facing a dangerous opponent in Lisa Porter, but nothing comes easy in boxing.  With that being said, I’m willing to fight anyone they put in front of me.  I’m confident I can win this fight.  I just want to fight the best and prove I’m elite.”
“I’m glad Selina Barrios and I have come to an agreement to make this fight happen, especially for the NABF title,” stated Lisa Porter. “It’s been tough getting opponents to step in the ring with me, so this is truly a blessing.  I’m very grateful to the folks at the NABF for sanctioning this fight.  Selina Barrios is going to be a tough test, but one I believe I can pass.  The fans are going to see a great fight.”
“With Selina being the most avoided female fighter in boxing, I had to do my part on getting her ranked by the NABF,” said advisor Kerry Daigle. “It’s not going to be an easy road to the top.  There’s a lot of good fighters out there with a lot of experience that she’s going to have to fight.  That will be the case when Selina steps in the ring with Lisa Porter, who has a plethora of amateur experience.  She, also is one of the most avoided fighters in the lightweight division.  This will be a battle of two fighters who are putting everything on the line to advance their career to the next level.
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Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios Assembles Dynamic Team

Photo by Team Barrios
SAN ANTONIO, TX (October 31, 2017) – After two pro fights, super-lightweight female sensation, Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios (2-0, 1 KO), who hails from San Antonio, TX, has assembled a dynamic team to help guide her the pinnacle of women’s boxing.
Dr. Charles Campbell and his son Colin Campbell from Corpus Christi, TX, will co-manage Selina Barrios.  Colin will handle the day to day operations, while Dr. Charles will help guide her career as a boxer, and personal pursuits in her professional life.
“My son Colin and I are very excited to be working with such a talented fighter like Selina Barrios.” said Dr. Charles Campbell. “Selina has the one element in boxing that all fans want to see, and that’s punching power.  In addition, Selina has the mindset you look for in a fighter.  The fact that she’s willing to fight a standout amateur like Zarina Tsoloyeva, in only her third pro fight, says it all.”
“Selina is the type of fighter that everyone in boxing should rally behind,” Colin Campbell stated. “She’s overcome a lot of adversity to get where she’s at today, and the girl can fight.  She’s certainly more exciting then most of the male boxers we see on TV today.  Selina was born to be on the big stage, and with her fighting style, she will become a fan favorite as soon as they see her fight.”
Kerry Daigle, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who runs Keeppunching Entertainment, will stay on has Barrios’ advisor / consultant, and aid in getting Selina in the biggest fights that women’s boxing can provide.
“Several promoters are seeking to work with Keeppunching Entertainment and Selina Barrios because she might be the most TV friendly female fighter in 20 years, with the opportunity to sell out venues, even better then male counterparts.” said Kerry Daigle.
Selina’s step dad Martin Barrios, who has been in her corner since she was a top amateur, will serve as the chief trainer.  He played a significant role in helping Selina acquire an astonishing amateur record of (80-3), in addition to her sustaining an undefeated record as a pro.
“Selina is a tremendous fighter with the punching power to change a fight with one shot.” Martin Barrios stated. “I’m not just saying that because she’s my daughter, I’ve seen her destroy folks in the gym.  I’m super happy that I was able to get Mr. Dailge to believe in Selina.  I know with his connections and Selina’s talent, we as a team, can do something special in women’s boxing.
Rick Nunez, will oblige as the assistant trainer.  Nunez, from San Antonio, TX, has worked side by side with Martin, helping Selina become one of the most dangerous fighters in women’s boxing.
“With women’s boxing on the rise, Selina now has everything set in place to become a big star in the sport,” Rick Nunez stated. “You need a solid team behind you to make it in boxing, and that’s exactly what we have now moving forward.”
Maurice “Termite” Watkins from Houston, TX, and Ben Flores, of Corpus Christi, TX, will share duties as camp coordinators to the trainers.  Watkins, who fought in the lightweight division as a professional in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, had a spectacular record of (61-5-1, 42 KOs).
Selina’s younger brother, undefeated super-lightweight contender, Mario Barrios (20-0, 12 KOs), has been in awe of his sister since she was as dominate amateur.
“Growing up, my sister was the best fighter in every tournament we entered.” said Mario Barrios. “She literally wrecked everyone in her weight class.  It wasn’t until I was a late teen that I was able to hang with her.  I love my sister and I know with the powerful team that she has behind her now, she can become a world champion.”
Ann Wolfe, who was one of the most devastating punchers in women’s boxing history, has been a big fan of Selina since her days as a dominate amateur.  Wolf has seen Selina destroy her competition while fighting in the amateurs.
“Selina Barrios is a beast,” said former world champion Ann Wolf. “I haven’t seen anything like her since my days as a professional boxer.  She definitely has the talent to become a multiple world champion.”
“I’m looking forward toward a great career, that I hope will last many years,” said Selina Barrios. “I have a great team behind me now, I know if I put in the hard work, everything will work out, and my dreams will come true.”

Salina Aztec Queen Barrios Returns to the Ring Nov 2 Against Decorated Amateur Zarina Tsoloyeva

Photos by Team Barrios
SAN ANTONIO, TX (October 27, 2017) – Undefeated female sensation, super-lightweight Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios (2-0, 1 KO), returns to the ring Thursday, November 2, 2017 in Louisiana at The Rayne Civic Center.  Barrios will face the highly touted Zarina Tsoloyeva (Pro Debut) from Zhaksy, Kazakhstan, in a 4-round bout in the super-lightweight division.  The card titled “RAYNE RISING” is presented by Bad Chad’s Boxncar Promotions.
Barrios, who hails from San Antonio, TX, is the older sister of undefeated super-lightweight contender, Mario Barrios (20-0, 12 KOs).  As an amateur, Selina had a remarkable record of (80-3), most of which came by stoppage.  She has a notable win against USA Olympian and Top Rank fighter, Mikaela Mayer (2-0, 2 KOs), and vows to make a statement against Tsoloyeva.
“Even though Tsoloyeva is making her pro debut, she’s a big step up in competition,” Selina Barrios said. “She had a great amateur career and I know she’s going to be a tough opponent.  All I know is I’m going to bring the heat, and show her why I’m the most dangerous fighter in women’s boxing.”
Selina Barrios is guided by longtime boxing manager, Kerry Daigle, who believes Barrios is one of the most exciting boxers he’s seen in years.
“Selina has that fighting style that every boxing fan loves,” said Kerry Daigle. “She’s nonstop action every time she steps in the ring.  I haven’t seen a fighter like her in a long time, male or female.  She has that special something that you can’t explain but you know is extraordinary.  She’s in a very competitive fight, against a very skilled fighter in Zarina Tsoloyeva.  When I asked her if she was willing to fight such a decorated amateur fighter, she said yes, with no hesitation.  That’s what I love about Selina, she’s ready to fight anyone, anywhere.”
Zarina Tsoloyeva, best known for her resemblance to actress Angelina Jolie, won a bronze medal in the Kazakh national championships.  She’s a highly accomplished amateur champion with great boxing skills.
Tickets to “RAYNE RISING” priced $25 General Admission (Pre-sale), ($30 general admission tickets at the door), $125 VIP Ringside, and $800 1st Row Executive Tables, are on sale now at http://www.boxncar.com/buy-tickets/ or by calling (337) 298-7658.

The Rayne Civic Center is located at 210 Frog Festival Dr, Rayne, LA 70578.  Doors open at6:00 p.m. first bell at 7:00 p.m.

Building a Better Heavyweight: The Medical Dream Team Behind Undefeated Heavyweight Justin ‘Jawbreaker’ Jones

A prominent group of experts has been assembled to form the team behind undefeated boxer Justin “Jawbreaker” Jones and together, they are building a better heavyweight.
Louisiana-born and Houston-based heavyweight Justin Jones is still a relative unknown on the world boxing scene, but based on the support he receives in training, that may be about to change.
Heading up the team is Jones’ advisor, a man once known as the youngest promoter in Louisiana State history, Kerry Daigle.
Daigle, a long-time respected staple of the Southern boxing scene, as well as a top executive for Juice Plus personal health and safety products, brought in some medical heavy hitters to assist coaches Maurice “Termite” Watkins and Eleazar Renteria with the hidden side of training a fighter: nutrition.
Dr. Roy Vartabedian is a best-selling international author who has specialized in the field of health promotion and disease prevention for over 30 years. He also holds a Master of Public Health degree in Health Education and Nutrition.
Vartabedian’s book, Nutripoints, was a New York Times Best-Seller, and has been used in a total of 13 countries in 10 languages worldwide.
“The challenge is when these guys are working out so much, once or twice a day, they’re actually having a problem with losing muscle because it’s hard for them to eat enough calories to maintain their weight,” said Vartabedian, “or the way they do it is unhealthy which will decrease their stamina and endurance.”
The average person, says Vartabedian only needs 2000 to 2500 calories per day. Heavyweight fighters in training need somewhere in the neighborhood of 4000 to 4500.
“Justin is at 232 lbs right now. He’s at his best at 238. So, he wants to be on an alkaline diet, which supposedly creates alkalinity in the body which is healthier than acidity for peak performance. That’s means a plant-based and unprocessed food diet. The problem with that kind of diet is it’s very high in bulk and low on calories. What I’ve done is fine tune it for him. I’ve given him a list of high-calorie, good fat foods and added them to his diet so he’s getting more calories and good fats and more fiber. I’m recommending to increase calories in a healthy way with lots of almonds, cashews, sunflowers seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, macadamia nuts, all unsalted. This will add about 500 calories to a person’s diet in about three handfuls a day.”
Dr. Charles H. Campbell is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, specializes in retinal disease. A world-renowned surgeon and the founder and Medical Director of South Texas Retina Consultants, Campbell has given his life to the treatment of macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments and tears, macular holes and puckers, floaters, retinal vein occlusions, complications of cataract surgery, vitritis/uveitis.
Campbell has also lent his talents and know-how to the management of fighters, including former heavyweight contender Skip Scott.
“We’re making sure he stays in shape by maintaining a clean lifestyle,” said Campbell. “We make sure he’s eating right. I feel like athletes think they can get all the protein they want, but most of us get 110 grams a day, which is way too much. So, we can regulate his water and protein intake. He probably needs 10-12 servings of fruit, so we give him Juice Plus which is proven to put about 6 ½ servings into your body.”
Campbell says a common mistake fighters make is in their fluid intake.
“Most of these athletes don’t drink enough water. For his size he probably needs a gallon and a half a day. But mostly, I hope to help him make sure he doesn’t get off track and eat bad foods.”
Daigle has big plans for Jones, who recently signed with Warriors Boxing and Leon Margules, one of the top promotional firms in the world. It was Warriors Vice-President Dominic Pesoli who first gave Jones the added moniker of “Triple J.”
“There is no heavyweight that has better foot movement and throws more combinations than Triple J,” said Daigle. “Once given the opportunity Justin will surprise the world. There are a lot of taller heavyweights that are rated in the top 10 in every sanctioning body. These guys are made-to-order for him. We are excited about his future in the NEW heavyweight division.”
The fighter himself says the help of his medical dream team has been immeasurable already.
“The difference has been incredible,” said Jones. “I don’t want this secret to get out to other fighters! They both got me on Juice Plus for all its healthy vegetables and fruits and they’ve really changed my diet and given me a world of information on how to be healthy. I’ve changed how I eat with their help and it’s really benefitting me. I feel better more energized. When I started training I was 264. My last fight I was 230. It’s just getting me fit. Like a machine that can just go and go and go. That’s what they’re doing for me. I’m eating the right things to stay big but be in perfect shape at this size. I’m eating to gain weight and turning it to athletic muscle. They’re awesome. They’ve made a believer out of me.”

For more information on Juice Plus, visit www.kerrydaigle.com. For more information on Kerry Daigle and Keeppunching Entertainment, visit his Facebook Page.  Look for a newwww.keeppunching.com site coming soon!